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  • HY-17612


    Sodium Channel Neurological Disease
    Evenamide (NW-3509) is an orally available voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) blocker (Ki=0.4 µM) for the research of schizophrenia. Evenamide shows efficacy in a broad spectrum of rodent models of psychosis, mania, depression, and aggressiveness.
  • HY-141519

    Parasite Others Infection
    PI-55 is a specific cytokinin receptor inhibitor. PI-55 is structurally related to 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) and was shown to inhibit competitively BAP binding on Arabidopsis-specific receptors CRE1/AHK4 and AHK3. PI-55 inhibits cytokinins induced haustorium formation and increased parasite aggressiveness.
  • HY-119377

    Glutaminase Cancer
    UPGL00004 is a potent allosteric glutaminase C (GAC) inhibitor (IC50=29 nM; Kd=27 nM). UPGL00004 strongly inhibits the proliferation of highly aggressive triple-negative breast cancer cell lines.
  • HY-128587


    CDK Cancer
    Mevociclib (SY-1365) is a potent and first-in-class selective CDK7 inhibitor, with a Ki of 17.4 nM. Mevociclib exhibits anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects in solid tumor cell lines. Mevociclib possesses anti-tumor activity in hematological and multiple aggressive solid tumors.