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  • HY-19610


    DNA/RNA Synthesis ADC Cytotoxin Cancer
    α-Amanitin is the principal toxin of several deadly poisonous mushrooms, exerting its toxic function by inhibiting RNA-polymerase II.
  • HY-126683

    Drug-Linker Conjugates for ADC Cancer
    Mal-C6-α-Amanitin is a drug-linker conjugate for ADC with potent antitumor activity by using α-Amanitin (an RNA polymerase II inhibitor), linked via the ADC linker Mal-C6.
  • HY-151829

    Others Others
    Fmoc-L-Asn(EDA-N3)-OH is a click chemistry reagent containing an azide group. This building block is reported in literature for the modification of Amanitin via Click Chemistry. Alpha-Amanitin is the deadliest member of the amatoxin peptide family produced by the death-cap mushroom A. phalloides. It is an orally available, rigid, bicyclic octapeptide and one of the most lethal known natural products (LD50 = 50-100 μg/kg) acting as highly selective allosteric inhibitor of the RNA polymerase II.
  • HY-148231

    DNA/RNA Synthesis ADC Cytotoxin Cancer
    Dideoxy-amanitin (compound 2), an α-Amanitin (HY-19610) derivative, is a potent and selective RNA polymerase II allosteric inhibitor with an IC50 value of 74.2 nM.
  • HY-131081

    DNA/RNA Synthesis ADC Cytotoxin Cancer
    γ-Amanitin an ADC cytotoxin and isolated from the mushroom. γ-Amanitin inhibits RNA polymerase II and disrupts synthesis of mRNA. γ-Amanitin shows similar effects to α-Amanitin and β-Amanitin.
  • HY-145674
    HDP 30.1699

    Others Cancer
    HDP 30.1699, the derivative of α-Amanitin,shows considerable cross-links. The cysteine residues of the anti-HER2 THIOMAB antibody are used for conjugation of the cysteine reactive linker–Amanitin compound, HDP 30.1699, with a cleavable linker by maleimide chemistry.
  • HY-147916
    RNA polymerase II-IN-1

    DNA/RNA Synthesis Cancer
    RNA polymerase II-IN-1 (compound 19iv) is a amatoxin, inhibiting RNA polymerase II (Pol II) with an IC50 value of 36.66 nM. RNA polymerase II-IN-1 has higher cytotoxicity against cancer cells and less toxic in normal cells than α-Amanitin.
  • HY-147917
    RNA polymerase II-IN-2

    DNA/RNA Synthesis Cancer
    RNA polymerase II-IN-2 (compound 20iii) is a potent RNA polymerase II (Pol II) inhibitor with Ki value of 9.5 nM. RNA polymerase II-IN-2 has cytotoxicity against cancer cells, and exhibits 2 and 5 fold toxicity than α-amanitin against CHO and HEK293.