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  • HY-P4756

    Peptides Others
    N-(2-Carbamoyl-ethyl)-Val-Leu-anilide is a polypeptide that can be found by peptide screening. Peptide screening is a research tool that pools active peptides primarily by immunoassay. Peptide screening can be used for protein interaction, functional analysis, epitope screening, especially in the field of agent research and development.
  • HY-P5373

    Peptides Others
    Ser-parafluoroPhe-Aad-Leu-Arg-Asn-Pro-NH2 is a biological active peptide. (Structure-activity studies of thrombin receptor-tethered ligand SFLLRNP have revealed the importance of the Phe-2-phenyl group in receptor recognition and the replacement of the Phe-2 by para-fluorophenylalanine [(p-F)Phe] was found to enhance its activity)
  • HY-P2496

    Endothelin Receptor Cardiovascular Disease
    Endothelin 1 (swine, human), Alexa Fluor 488-labeled is a synthetic Endothelin 1 peptide labled with Alexa Fluor 488. Endothelin 1 (swine, human) is a synthetic peptide with the sequence of human and swine Endothelin 1, which is a potent endogenous vasoconstrictor. Endothelin 1 acts through two types of receptors ETA and ETB.
  • HY-P5372

    Protease Activated Receptor (PAR) Others
    Ala-parafluoroPhe-Arg-Cha-Cit-Tyr-NH2 is a biological active peptide. (Protease activated receptor 1 (PAR-1) belongs to a subfamily of G-protein coupled receptors and is known to mediate the cellular effects of thrombin. This peptide is a PAR-1 selective agonist displaying a high level of specificity to PAR-1 over PAR-2. The specificity of peptide was evaluated in cell-based calcium signaling assay using HEK293 cells. PAR-1 selective agonists can be used to study PAR-1 activation in vivo. In addition to its varied cellular effects of thrombin, PAR-1 has also been shown to coordinate with PAR-4 and regulate thrombin-induced hepatocellular carcinoma harboring thrombin formation within the tumor environment classified as 'coagulation type'.)
  • HY-P3350

    Bacterial Infection
    LS-BF1 is a stable and low toxic cationic antimicrobial peptide. LS-BF1 displays broad spectrum of antibacterial activity, including the challenging ESKAPE pathogens, by cell membrane disruptive mechanism. LS-BF1 shows good in vivo efficacy for elimination of bacteria in a mouse infection model[1].
  • HY-P3066


    Vasopressin Receptor Metabolic Disease
    SKF 100398 (d(CH2)5Tyr(Et)VAVP), an arginine vasopressin (AVP) analogue, is a specific antagonist of the antidiuretic effect of exogenous and endogenous AVP.