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Cat. No. Product Name Species Source
  • HY-P70301
    Mucin-1 Protein, Human (HEK 293, Fc)

    rHuMucin-1, Fc; Mucin-1; MUC-1; Breast carcinoma-associated antigen DF3; Cancer antigen 15-3; CA 15-3; carcinoma-associated mucin; Episialin; H23AG; Krebs von den Lungen-6; KL-6; PEMT; Peanut-reactive urinary mucin; PUM; Polymorphic epithelial mucin; PEM; Tumor-associated epithelial membrane antigen; EMA; Tumor-associated mucin; CD227; MUC1

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P71065
    PIGR Protein, Human (HEK 293, His)

    Polymeric Immunoglobulin Receptor; PIgR; Poly-Ig Receptor; Hepatocellular carcinoma-Associated Protein TB6; PIGR

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P71396
    UBAP1 Protein, Human (His)

    Ubiquitin-Associated Protein 1; UBAP-1; Nasopharyngeal carcinoma-Associated Gene 20 Protein; UBAP1

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P71324
    SMAD4 Protein, Human (His)

    Mothers Against Decapentaplegic Homolog 4; MAD Homolog 4; Mothers Against DPP Homolog 4; Deletion Target in Pancreatic carcinoma 4; SMAD Family Member 4; SMAD 4; Smad4; hSMAD4; SMAD4; DPC4; MADH4

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P70809
    CD24 Protein, Human (HEK 293, Fc)

    Signal transducer CD24; Small cell lung carcinoma cluster 4 antigen; CD24; CD24A

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P71142
    Serpin B3 Protein, Human (HEK 293, His)

    Serpin B3; Protein T4-A; Squamous cell carcinoma antigen 1; SCCA-1; serine (or cysteine) proteinase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 3; serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 3; Squamous cell carcinoma antigen 1; T4-A; SCCA1

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P70720
    CD24 Protein, Human (S44T, HEK 293, Fc)

    Signal transducer CD24; Small cell lung carcinoma cluster 4 antigen; CD24; CD24A

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P70190
    Galectin-8 Protein, Human

    rHuGalectin-8; Galectin-8; Gal-8; Po66 Carbohydrate-Binding Protein; Po66-CBP; Prostate carcinoma Tumor Antigen 1; PCTA-1; LGALS8

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P70265
    LDHB Protein, Human (His)

    rHuL-lactate dehydrogenase B chain/LDH-B, His; L-lactate Dehydrogenase B Chain; LDH-B; LDH Heart Subunit; LDH-H; Renal carcinoma Antigen NY-REN-46; LDHB

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P70411
    Hyaluronidase-1/HYAL1 Protein, Human (HEK 293, His)

    rHuHyaluronidase-1/HYAL1, His; Hyaluronidase-1; Hyal-1; Hyaluronoglucosaminidase-1; Lung carcinoma Protein 1; LuCa-1; HYAL1; LUCA1

    Human HEK 293
  • HY-P7649
    BCAS2 Protein, Human (His, T7)

    rHuBCAS2, His, N-T7; Pre-mRNA-Splicing Factor SPF27; Breast carcinoma-Amplified Sequence 2; Spliceosome-Associated Protein SPF 27; BCAS2

    Human E. coli
    BCAS2 Protein, Human (His, T7) plays crucial roles in pre-mRNA splicing and androgen receptor transcription. BCAS2 helps repair radiation-induced DSBs efficiently in both human PCa cells and Drosophila[1][2].
  • HY-P70225
    LDH-A Protein, Human (His)

    rHuL-lactate dehydrogenase A chain/LDH-A, His; L-Lactate Dehydrogenase A Chain; LDH-A; Cell Proliferation-Inducing Gene 19 Protein; LDH Muscle Subunit; LDH-M; Renal carcinoma Antigen NY-REN-59; LDHA

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P7873
    Alpha-crystallin B chain/CRYAB Protein, Human (His)

    rHuAlpha-crystallin B chain/CRYAB, His; Alpha-Crystallin B Chain; Alpha(B)-Crystallin; Heat Shock Protein Beta-5; HspB5; Renal carcinoma Antigen NY-REN-27; Rosenthal Fiber Component; CRYAB; CRYA2

    Human E. coli
    Alpha-crystallin B chain/CRYAB Protein, Human (His) expresses in E. coli with a His tag at the N-terminus. CRYAB is an important member of the small heat shock protein family, and plays a protective role in neurological inflammation[1].
  • HY-P70950
    IGFBP2 Protein, Human (T7-His)

    Insulin-Like Growth Factor 2 mRNA-Binding Protein 2; IGF2 mRNA-Binding Protein 2; IMP-2; Hepatocellular carcinoma Autoantigen p62; IGF-II mRNA-Binding Protein 2; VICKZ Family Member 2; IGF2BP2; IMP2; VICKZ2

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P71211
    PLA2G16 Protein, Human (His)

    Group XVI Phospholipase A1/A2; Adipose-Specific Phospholipase A2; AdPLA; H-Rev 107 Protein Homolog; HRAS-Like Suppressor 1; HRAS-Like Suppressor 3; HRSL3; HREV107-1; HREV107-3; Renal carcinoma Antigen NY-REN-65; PLA2G16; HRASLS3; HREV107

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P70093
    DCN1-like protein 1/DCUN1D1 Protein, Human (His)

    rHuDCN1-like protein 1/DCUN1D1, His; DCN1-Like Protein 1; DCUN1 Domain-Containing Protein 1; Defective in Cullin Neddylation Protein 1-Like Protein 1; Squamous Cell carcinoma-Related Oncogene; DCUN1D1; DCUN1L1; RP42; SCCRO

    Human E. coli