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  • HY-P99128

    Inhibitory Antibodies Inflammation/Immunology
    Anti-Mouse CD8 beta Antibody is an anti-mouse CD8 beta IgG1 antibody inhibitor derived from host Rat.
  • HY-P99129

    Inhibitory Antibodies Inflammation/Immunology
    Anti-Mouse CD8a Antibody is a anti-mouse CD8a IgG2a antibody inhibitor derived from host Rat.
  • HY-P990262

    Inhibitory Antibodies Others
    Anti-Mouse CD8 Antibody (HB-129) is a mouse-derived IgG2a, κ type antibody inhibitor, targeting to mouse CD8.
  • HY-P99908


    Interleukin Related Cancer
    Efineptakin alfa (NT-17) is a long-acting recombinant human IL-7. Efineptakin alfa supports the proliferation and survival CD4 + and CD8 + cells in both human and mice. Efineptakin alfa can be used for glioblastoma research .
  • HY-P99834


    Inhibitory Antibodies Cancer
    Crefmirlimab (89Zr-Df-IAB22M2C) is an anti-human CD8 probe targeting CD8 antigen, which can be used in the diagnosis of various cancers .
  • HY-P990126

    Inhibitory Antibodies Others
    Anti-Rat CD8α Antibody (OX-8) is a mouse-derived IgG1, κ type antibody inhibitor, targeting to rat CD8α.
  • HY-P99159

    Inhibitory Antibodies Cancer
    Ivuxolimab is an OX40 (also known as CD134; TNFRSF4) agonist monoclonal antibody. OX40 is a costimulatory receptor expressed on activated CD4 + and CD8 + T cells. Ivuxolimab shows antitumor activity, with potential immunostimulatory activity .
  • HY-P99431

    Alomfilimab; SAR 445256

    Inhibitory Antibodies Inflammation/Immunology Cancer
    KY-1044 (Alomfilimab; SAR 445256) is a fully human IgG1 antibody targeting inducible costimulatory receptor (ICOS). KY-1044 depletes ICOS high cells via antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) through the engagement of FcgRIIIa. KY-1044 act as a costimulatory molecule on cells expressing lower ICOS levels, such as CD8 + TEff cells (through FcgR-dependent clustering). KY-1044 exploit the differential expression of ICOS on T-cell subtypes to improve the intratumoral immune contexture and restore an antitumor immune response .
  • HY-P99933

    IMP321; LAG-3Ig

    LAG-3 Cancer
    Eftilagimod alfa (IMP321) is a recombinant LAG-3Ig fusion protein that binds to MHC class II. Eftilagimod alfa mediates antigen-presenting cell (APC) activation followed by CD8 T-cell activation. Eftilagimod alfa can be used for metastatic melanoma and metastatic breast carcinoma research .
  • HY-P990029

    PD-1/PD-L1 Infection Cancer
    Eciskafusp alfa is a programmed cell death 1 (PDCD1, best known as PD-1) cis-targeted IL2v immunocytokine. Eciskafusp alfa preferentially targets antigen-specific stem-like PD-1+ TCF-1+ CD8+ T cells and differentiates them towards a novel population of better effectors. Eciskafusp alfa can be used for the research of cancer and chronic infections .
  • HY-P99603


    Inhibitory Antibodies Cancer
    Cifurtilimab (SEA-CD40) is an agonistic nonfucosylated, human IgG1 monoclonal antibody directed against CD40. Cifurtilimab shows antitumor activities .
  • HY-P99827

    TSR-022; GSK4069889

    Tim3 Cancer
    Cobolimab (TSR-022) is an anti-TIM-3 monoclonal antibody. Cobolimab mediates the internalization of TIM3 with an IC50 value of 0.4464 nM. Cobolimab has potential application in solid tumors and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) .
  • HY-P99902


    Interleukin Related Cancer
    Simlukafusp alfa (FAP-IL2v) is an immunocytokine comprising an antibody against fibroblast activation protein α (FAPα) and an IL-2 variant that only binds IL-2Rβγ. Isotype: human IgG1 .
  • HY-P99199


    CD3 Inflammation/Immunology
    Foralumab (NI-0401) is a potent, orally active human monoclonal antibody targeting the CD3. Foralumab modulates immune responses by human cells in NSG mice that were reconstituted with human hematopoietic stem cells .

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