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  • HY-115754


    DNA/RNA Synthesis Cytochrome P450 Cancer
    S-(N-PhenethylthiocarbaMoyl)-L-cysteine (PEITC-Cys), an anticarcinogenic agent, has antileukemic activity. S-(N-PhenethylthiocarbaMoyl)-L-cysteine inhibits DNA synthesis in HL60 cells. S-(N-PhenethylthiocarbaMoyl)-L-cysteine is a P450 inhibitor.
  • HY-111945
    Cys modifier 1

    Others Others
    Cys modifier 1 (compound 7) is a cysteine-selective protein modifier for protein bioconjugation. A fluorescent carbonylacrylic derivative bearing nitrobenzofurazan (λex=465nm and λem539 nm)[1].
  • HY-147738

    Others Others
    SQM-NBD is a potent and selectiveAIE fluorescent probe. SQM-NBD exhibits excellent sensitivity to Cys and Hcy with the LOD of 54 nM and 72 nM, respectively.SQM-NBD has good cell permeability and low cytotoxicity. SQM-NBD has the potential for Cys/Hcy identification under physiological and pathological conditions.