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  • HY-L060
    Cytoskeleton Compound Library 849 compounds

    The cytoskeleton is responsible for contraction, cell motility, movement of organelles and vesicles through the cytoplasm, cytokinesis, intracellular signal transduction, and many other functions that are essential for cellular homeostasis and survival. It accomplishes these tasks through three basic structures: F-actin, microtubules, and intermediate filaments (IFs). The cytoskeleton is a dynamic structure where the three major filaments and tubules are under the influence of proteins that regulate their length, state of polymerization, and level of cross-linking. Since cytoskeleton is involved in virtually all cellular processes, cytoskeletal protein aberrations are the underlying reason for many pathological phenotypes, including several cardiovascular disease syndromes, neurodegeneration, cancer, liver cirrhosis, pulmonary fibrosis, and blistering skin diseases.

    MCE designs a unique collection of 849 cytoskeleton-related compounds mainly focusing on the key targets in the cytoskeleton signal pathway and can be used in the research of cytoskeleton signal pathway and related diseases.