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Isotope-Labeled Compounds

Cat. No. Product Name
  • HY-B1875S
    Monuron herbicide-d6
    Monuron herbicide-d6 is the deuterium labeled Monuron herbicide. Monuron herbicide is a phenylurea herbicide.
  • HY-B2020S
    Fenuron-d5 is the deuterium labeled Fenuron. Fenuron is a phenyl urea-based widely used herbicide.
  • HY-144177S
    Benzthiazuron-d3 is deuterium labeled Benzthiazuron. Benzthiazuron is a selective herbicide that is used mainly to control annual broad-leaved weeds in a variety of crops.
  • HY-111912S
    Tribenuron-methyl-d3 is a deuterated labeled Tribenuron-methyl. Tribenuron-methyl is a sulfonylurea herbicide agent, can be used as the fungicide agent. Tribenuron-methyl plays an important role in controlling the weeds and diseases in wheat field.
  • HY-W059342S
    Etoxazole-d5 is the deuterium labeled Phenmedipham. Phenmedipham is a carbamate herbicide[1].
  • HY-B1415S
    Clofibric acid-d4
    Clofibric acid-d4 (Chlorofibrinic acid-d4) is the deuterium labeled Clofibric acid. Clofibric acid (Chlorofibrinic acid), the pharmaceutically active metabolite of lipid regulators Clofibrate, Etofibrate and Etofyllinclofibrate, is a PPARα agonist which exhibits hypolipidemic effects. Clofibric acid also is an herbicide.
  • HY-B1859S
    Isoproturon-d6 is deuterium labeled Isoproturon. Isoproturon belongs to the phenylurea herbicide family and is a systemic and selective herbicide. Isoproturon is widely applied for killing weeds in farmland, which can be used in the control of annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds in spring and winter wheat, winter rye and spring and winter barley.
  • HY-B2030S
    Propanil-d5 is the deuterium labeled Propanil. Propanil is a widely used contact herbicide, mainly use in rice production.
  • HY-136375S
    Cyanazine-d5 is deuterium labeled Cyanazine. Cyanazine, a triazine herbicide cyanazine, is used to control a variety of grass weeds and broadleaf weed. Cyanazine is proved non-genotoxic.
  • HY-133085S
    Rimsulfuron-d6 is deuterium labeled Rimsulfuron. Rimsulfuron (DPX-E9636) is a sulfonylurea herbicide for postemergence use in maize to control grasses and some broadleaf weeds.
  • HY-B2046S
    Simazine-d10 is the deuterium labeled Simazine. Simazine is a triazine herbicide widely used in agriculture, pot-plant and tree production. Simazine is phytotoxicity and not highly toxic to soil microflora and algae.
  • HY-119419S
    Pirimicarb-d6 is the deuterium labeled Diuron. Diuron is a phenylurea herbicide that inhibits photosynthesis by preventing the formation of ATP and NADH. Diuron (2,500 ppm, dietary) increases the incidence of urinary bladder urothelial carcinomas in male
  • HY-W321016S
    SWEP-d3 is the deuterium labeled Fmoc-Tyr(tBu)-OH.
  • HY-Y0978S2
    Boc-Glycine-2-13C is a 13C-labeled Linuron. Linuron is a phenylurea herbicide that is widely used to control the growth of grass and weeds in various agriculture crops and in orchards. Linuron is a photosystem II inhibitor. Linuron is also a competitive a
  • HY-B0866S
    Ametryn-13C,d3 is the 13C- and deuterium labeled Ametryn. Ametryn, a member of the Triazine chemical family, is a herbicide which inhibits photosynthesis and other enzymatic processes. Ametryn is effective against annual broadleaf weeds and grasses.
  • HY-136380S
    Clodinafop-propargyl-13C6 is the 13C-labeled Clodinafop-propargyl. Clodinafop-propargyl, a main member of aryloxyphenoxy-propionate herbicides, is used for postemergence control of annual grasses in cereals, including Avena, Lolium, Setaria, Phalaris and Alopecurus spp.
  • HY-B0859S
    MCPA-13C8 is the 13C-labeled MCPA. MCPA is a phenoxy herbicide, and widely used to control annual and perennial broad leaved weeds, including poppy, thistles and docks, in crops such as cereals, rice, linseed, flax, grassland and turf.
  • HY-B2039S
    Bentazone-13C10,15N is the 13C-labeled and 15N-labeled Bentazone. Bentazone is a post-emergence herbicide used for selective control of broadleaf weeds and sedges in beans, rice, corn, peanuts, mint and others. It acts by interfering with photosynthesis.
  • HY-100427S
    Imazamox-13C,d3 is the 13C- and deuterium labeled Imazamox. Imazamox (CL29926) is a systemic herbicide that inhibits the production of acetolactate synthase (ALS) in plants with high selectivity, high activity, safety and broadspectrum activity, which would then inhibit plant growth and ultimately lead to plant death.
  • HY-18572S
    2,4-D-13C6 (2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-13C6) is the 13C-labeled 2,4-D. 2,4-D (2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) is a selective systemic herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds. 2,4-D acts as a plant hormone, causing uncontrolled growth in the meristematic tissues. 2,4-D inhibits DNA and protein synthesis and thereby prevents normal plant growth and development.