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  • HY-D1641
    5,5'-Dimethyl BAPTA tetrapotassium

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    5,5'-Dimethyl BAPTA tetrapotassium is a water-soluble, extracellular membrane metal chelator with relative selectivity for calcium ions.
  • HY-D1601

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    N-Aminofluorescein is a fluorescein hydrazide with spiro form, a highly selective and sensitive fluorescence probe for Cu 2+. N-Aminofluorescein has no selective fluorescence response to other common metal ions, can be used for direct detection of Cu 2+ in biological systems with λex/em=495/516 nm.
  • HY-D0215

    Safranin O; Basic Red 2

    Safranin (Safranin T) is an important and classical phenazinium dye. Safranin has been extensively used in the academic field as a spectroscopic probe and indicator. Safranin possesses a planar structure and cationic charge. It can readily intercalate into biological macromolecules, including DNA and proteins. Safranin can be used as a redox indicator in the determination of metal ion concentration.
  • HY-141511
    Coppersensor 1

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    Coppersensor-1 (CS1) is a membrane-permeable fluorescent dye. Coppersensor-1 has a picomolar affinity for Cu + with high selectivity over competing cellular metalions. Coppersensor-1 as a probe, can selective and sensitive detection of copper(I) ions (Cu +) in biological samples, including live cells. Coppersensor-1 can be used for the research of imaging of severe diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders and neurogenerative diseases.