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Targets Recommended: MAPKAPK2 (MK2)
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  • HY-108232

    Akt Autophagy Apoptosis Cancer
    MK-2206 is an orally active, highly potent and selective allosteric Akt inhibitor, with IC50s of 8, 12, and 65 nM for Akt1, Akt2, and Akt3, respectively. Many breast cancer cell lines, and PIK3CA-mutant and cell lines with PTEN loss are sensitive to MK-2206. Anticancer activities.
  • HY-10358
    MK-2206 dihydrochloride

    mk-2206 (2HCl)

    Akt Autophagy Apoptosis Cancer
    MK-2206 dihydrochloride (MK-2206 (2HCl)) is an orally active allosteric AKT inhibitor with IC50s of 5 nM, 12 nM, and 65 nM for AKT1, AKT2, and AKT3, respectively. MK-2206 dihydrochloride induces autophagy.