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  • HY-B0429
    Pancuronium dibromide

    nAChR Neurological Disease
    Pancuronium dibromide, a bis-quaternary steroid, is a neuromuscular relaxant. Pancuronium dibromide inhibits neuromuscular transmission by competing with acetylcholine for binding sites on nACh receptors. Pancuronium dibromide also inhibits cardiac muscarinic receptors and has a sympathomimetic action.
  • HY-115766

    nAChR Neurological Disease
    Anabaseine is a non-selective nicotinic agonist. Anabaseine stimulates all AChRs, preferentially stimulates skeletal muscle and brain α7 subtypes. Anabaseine is also a weak partial agonist at α4β2 nAChRs.
  • HY-B0823

    nAChR Neurological Disease
    Acetamiprid is a neonicotinoid insecticide used worldwide. Acetamiprid is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) agonist, and is shown to be associated with neuromuscular and reproductive disorders.
  • HY-B1552B
    Benzoquinonium dibromide

    nAChR Neurological Disease
    Benzoquinonium dibromide is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) antagonist, with an IC50 of 0.46 μM. Benzoquinonium dibromide can block neuromuscular and ganglionic transmission.
  • HY-13831


    P2Y Receptor Cancer Neurological Disease
    BPTU (BMS-646786) is a non-nucleotide P2Y1 receptor allosteric antagonist with antithrombotic activity. BPTU is able to block the P2Y1 receptor located at the neuromuscular junction of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • HY-125901
    D-Tubocurarine chloride pentahydrate

    nAChR Neurological Disease
    D-Tubocurarine chloride pentahydrate is the chloride salt form of Tubocurarine, a nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChR) antagonist, and can be used as a skeletal muscle relaxant during surgery or mechanical ventilation. D-Tubocurarine chloride pentahydrate is also a potent neuromuscular blocking agent.
  • HY-103530

    GABA Receptor Neurological Disease
    CGP 35348 is a selective, brain penetrant, centrally active GABAB receptor antagonist with an EC50 of 34 μM. CGP 35348 shows affinity for the GABAB receptor only. CGP 35348 has a potential to improve neuromuscular coordination and spatial learning in albino mouse following neonatal brain damage.
  • HY-B2152
    Hemicholinium 3

    Hemicholinium dibromide

    AChE Neurological Disease
    Hemicholinium 3 is a competitive inhibitor of the high affinity choline transporter (HACU) with a Ki value of 25 nM. Hemicholinium 3, a neuromuscular blocking agent which inhibits the synthesis and the release of acetylcholine (ACh). Hemicholinium 3 inhibits the Epibatidine-evoked contraction and [ 3H]acetylcholine release with IC50s of 897 nM and 693 nM, respectively.