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  • HY-B1272A

    Adrenergic Receptor Neurological Disease
    Desipramine is a tricyclic psychotic compound, possessing antidepressant activity. Desipramine inhibits the norepinephrine reuptake receptor in the central nervous system and reduces the sleep-related loss of genioglossus activity, can be used to research the improvement of pharyngeal collapsibility.
  • HY-107212

    Parasite Chloride Channel P-glycoprotein Infection
    Selamectin, a semi-synthetic macrocyclic lactone, is a potent parasiticide and anthelminthic. Selamectin activates glutamate-gated chloride channels in neurons and pharyngeal muscles to prevent heartworm, Lymphatic filariae, and nematode infection. Selamectin is also a potent P-glycoprotein substrate and a P-glycoprotein inhibitor with an IC50 of 120 nM.
  • HY-100923
    H-9 Dihydrochloride

    PKA 5-HT Receptor EGFR Neurological Disease
    H-9 Dihydrochloride is a PKA (protein kinase) inhibitor. H-9 Dihydrochloride (10 μM) significantly reduces the excitatory response to 5-HT. H-9 Dihydrochloride also has a direct effect on pharyngeal activity. H-9 Dihydrochloride inhibits signal-transduction and cell growth in EGF (epidermal growth factor)-dependent epithelial cell lines.
  • HY-114397

    Phosphatase Cancer
    SHP394 is an orally active, selective and allosteric inhibitor of SHP2, with an IC50 of 23 nM.