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  • HY-109114


    Melanocortin Receptor Metabolic Disease
    Dersimelagon (MT-7117) is an orally active, selective melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) agonist with EC50 values of 8.16, 3.91, 1.14 and 0.251 nM for human (h), cynomolgus monkey (cm), mouse (m) and rat (r) MC1R, respectively. Dersimelagon shows good affinity for hMC1R and hMC4R with Ki values of 2.26, 32.9 nM, respectively. Dersimelagon can be used for the research of skin pigmentation[1] [2] .
  • HY-P0097A
    Nonapeptide-1 acetate salt

    Melanostatine-5 acetate salt

    Melanocortin Receptor Metabolic Disease Endocrinology
    Nonapeptide-1 acetate salt, a peptide hormone, is a potent α-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) antagonist, with an IC50 of 11 nM. Reduces synthesis of melanin and helps decrease skin pigmentation to a substantial degree.
  • HY-W015591
    Mandelic acid

    (±)-Mandelic acid; DL-Mandelic acid

    Bacterial Endogenous Metabolite Infection
    Mandelic acid ((±)-Mandelic acid), an alpha-hydroxycarboxylic acid, has been widely used as an intermediate of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. Mandelic acid shows antimicrobial activity and has been used for the research of urinary tract infections and vaginal trichomoniasis. Mandelic acid exhibits high sperm-immobilizing activity and low vaginal irritation.