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  • HY-N9508
    Perilla ketone

    Others Inflammation/Immunology
    Perilla ketone is a naturally occurring xenobiotic compound. Perilla ketone is activated by pulmonary P450 cytochrome enzymes in the lung, resulting in severe pulmonary damage and development of diffuse pulmonary edema.
  • HY-19765

    TRP Channel Cardiovascular Disease
    GSK2798745 is a first-in-class, highly potent, selective, orally active transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 (TRPV4) ion channel blocker with IC50s of 1.8 and 1.6 nM for hTRPV4 and rTRPV4, respectively. GSK2798745 is used in research for the treatment of pulmonary edema associated with congestive heart failure.
  • HY-103171
    BAY 60-6583

    Adenosine Receptor Inflammation/Immunology Cardiovascular Disease
    BAY 60-6583 is a potent and high-affinity agonist of adenosine A2B receptor (EC50 = 3 nM) over A1, A2A, and A3 receptors. BAY 60-6583 binds to mouse, rabbit, and dog A2BAR with Ki values of 750 nM, 340 nM and 330 nM, respectively. BAY 60-6583 has a cardioprotective effect in a myocardial ischemia model.