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  • HY-D0342
    Disperse Red 1

    Disperse Red 1, an azobenzene derivative, is an azo textile dye extensively used for dyeing polyester fabrics in textile industry.
  • HY-Y0016
    Rhodamine B

    Basic Violet 10; Brilliant Pink B; Rhodamine O; Tetraethylrhodamine

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    Rhodamine B is a staining fluorescent dye, commonly used for dyeing textiles, paper, soap, leather, and drugs.
  • HY-D0259
    Erythrosine B

    Erythrosin extra bluish

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    Erythrosine B is an artificial dye widely used in the food and textile industries. Erythrosine B is also a novel photosensitizer which has been used to develop animal models.
  • HY-D1270
    Direct Violet 1

    Direct Violet 1, an azo dye, is a textile dye. Direct Violet 1 is also the protein-protein interaction (PPI) between the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and ACE2 inhibitor with IC50s of 1.47-2.63 µM.
  • HY-128369
    Acid Yellow 36

    Metanil Yellow

    Acid Yellow 36 (Metanil Yellow) is an azo dye and a pH indicator. Acid Yellow 36 changes its color from red at pH 1.2 to yellow at pH 2.3. Acid Yellow 36 is used in the leather, paper and textile industries. Acid Yellow 36 acts as a bifunctional inducer of specific isozymes of P-450 and cytosolic enzymes.