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Cat. No. Product Name Target Research Area
  • HY-P1482
    α-Factor Mating Pheromone, yeast

    Mating Factor α

    Peptides Endocrinology
    α-Factor Mating Pheromone, yeast is a tridecapeptide secreted by S. cerevisiae α cells via Ste2p receptor.
  • HY-P1482A
    α-Factor Mating Pheromone, yeast TFA

    Mating Factor α TFA

    Peptides Cancer
    α-Factor Mating Pheromone, yeast (TFA) is a tridecapeptide secreted by S. cerevisiae α cells via Ste2p receptor.
  • HY-P1508A
    Bactenecin TFA

    Bactenecin, bovine TFA

    Bacterial Fungal Infection
    Bactenecin TFA (Bactenecin, bovine TFA) is a potent 12-aa looped antimicrobial peptide isolated from bovine neutrophils. Bactenecin TFA inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeast, and kills the fungus Trichophyton rubrum. Bactenecin TFA increass membrane permeability, inhibits the growth and biofilm formation of B. pseudomallei.
  • HY-P2523
    Temporin L

    Bacterial Fungal Infection
    Temporin L is a potent antimicrobial peptide and is active against Gram-negative bacteria and yeast strains. Temporin L also has antiendotoxin properties.
  • HY-P2322
    Iturin A

    Fungal Infection
    IturinA exhibits strong antifungal activity against pathogenic yeast and fungi. Iturin A interacts with the cytoplasmic membrane of the target cell forming ion conducting pores.
  • HY-P2365

    Fungal Infection
    Histatin-8 is a part of the Histatin-3 central sequence and is known as hemagglutination-inhibiting peptide. Histatin-8 is a potent anti-fungal peptide. Histatin-8 shows antimicrobial activity against yeast strains. Histatin-8 can be used for oral thrush research.
  • HY-P1629
    Temporin A

    Bacterial Fungal Antibiotic Infection
    Temporin A is a short alpha-helical antimicrobial peptide isolated from the skin of the frog Rana temporaria. Temporin A is effective against a broad spectrum of Gram-positive bacteria. Temporin A interacts directly with the cell membrane of the microorganism and it is non-toxic to erythrocytes at concentrations that are antimicrobial. Temporin A also has antifungal activities (against yeast-like Candida albicans).
  • HY-P0263A
    Dermaseptin TFA

    Bacterial Fungal Infection
    Dermaseptin TFA, a peptide isolated from frog skin, exhibits potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi, and protozoa at micromolar concentration.