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CNS Library

Cat. No.: HY-L0065V

A unique collection of 55,279 novel small molecules with high CNS MPO (Central Nervous System Multiparameter Optimization) scores. The CNS-active molecules which are able to penetrate blood-brain barrier (BBB) were low polar surface area, low degree of possible hydrogen bond formation and low ClogP values.

CNS Library
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Top Publications Citing Use of Products

•   A unique collection of 55,279 diverse compounds with desirable CNS properties.

•   CNS MPO ≥ 4, MW ≤ 350 (median value 283, cf. 305 for the marketed CNS drugs), ClogP ≤ 3.0 (mean value 1.63, cf. 2.8 for the marketed CNS drugs), Amide groups ≤ 1, Hbond Donor ≤ 2, QProp CNS value > 0.

•   The set was enriched with recently synthesized molecules having sp3-rich saturated ring cores of various architectures including spirocyclic (1,341 compounds, 14.5%), bridged and fused scaffolds (4,106 compounds, 44.5%).

•   Targets such as Kinases, GPCR and Ion Channels, and more.

•   A useful tool for the discovery of drugs used for brain diseases, such as brain tumors, mental disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.

•   NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity and quality.

•   All compounds can be readily followed with analogues either from stock or from new syntheses.

•   Databases and compounds are provided by Enamine.

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CNS Library
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