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Hit Locator Library 300

Cat. No.: HY-L0056V

Hit Locator Library (HLL) is a sizable highly diverse screening set of 500,160 novel screening compounds (HLL-500 set). Hit Locator Library 300 (Core Set, 300K compounds) is comprised of 40 000 - compounds clusters, 5 compounds per cluster.

Hit Locator Library 300
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100 μL/well (10 mM solution) Get quote In-stock

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Top Publications Citing Use of Products

•   Latest compounds.

•   These compounds frequently have unusual structures and unique properties.

•   No PAINS (Pan Assay Interference Compounds), only medchem friendly compounds.

•   Full Rule of Five compliance.

•   Fast track to leads.

•   No singletons, ready initial SAR.

•   The clusters have become denser with at least 5 very close analogues each.

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Hit Locator Library 300
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