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Affinity Mass Spectrometry

The precise drug molecular design strategy is based on the selection of disease-related drug target protein-ligand precise interactions as the theoretical basis, through the interaction of drug active ingredients and disease-related specific biological targets, to find small molecule ligands with affinity and strong specificity to target protein. Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry, as an indirect screening method for small molecule ligands, has been successfully applied to the ligand screening of many receptors, enzymes and other target proteins.

Screening Principle and Process

The small molecule compound and the target protein are incubated to form a protein-compound complex. Based on different molecular weights, the protein-compound complex and the unbound small molecule compound are separated to obtain a complex sample. Then the complex sample is subsequently denatured, the protein-bound small molecule compound is released to obtain the compound sample. Finally, the compound samples were analyzed by HPLC-MS, and a characteristic extraction ion chromatogram (XIC) of each compound in the mixture was obtained based on the high resolution of the MS instrument and the specific retention time in the HPLC column.

Service Advantage

MedChemExpress (MCE) has a strong team with professionals and advanced equipment for affinity mass spectrometry drug screening, which successfully established detection methods for multiple targets with good stability and repeatability. According to the specific needs of customers, we can tailor cost-effective service plans to provide high-quality early drug research and development services for scientific research customers.

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