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Nuclear Receptor Screening Services

Nuclear receptors (NR) are proteins found in cells that sense androgen and thyroid hormones and certain other molecules. They are ligand-activated transcription factors that participate in many aspects of human physiology and pathology, and regulate the expression of various important genes. Nuclear receptors have become one of the main targets in the development of new drug strategies, providing a unique type of receptors for studying a variety of human diseases.

MedChemExpress has established a cell-based luciferase reporter screening platform, along with quantitative PCR, western blot, in-cell western platform, we make discovering nuclear receptor ligands and modulators easy. Through efficient, rapid and accurate experimental services, MedChemExpress can speed up the discovery and development of new drugs for customers and maximize the benefits of customers.

Nuclear Receptor Cell-based Reporter Assay

List of assay-ready nuclear receptor panels and their screening modes

Nuclear Hormone Receptors Target Agonist Mode Antagonist Mode
Steroid hormone Receptors Androgen Receptor (AR) + +
Glucocorticoid Receptor (GR) + +
MR + +
PR + +
ERα + +
ERβ + +
Retinoic acid Receptors RARα + +
RARβ + -
RARγ + +
Retinoid X Receptors RXRα + +
RXRβ + +
RXRγ + +
PPARα + +
PPARβ/δ + +
PPARγ + +
Thyroid hormone Receptors THRβ + -
Vitamin D receptor-like Receptors PXR + -
VDR + -
Liver X receptor-like Receptors FXR + +
LXRα + +
LXRβ + +

Key Features

  • Over 20 different nuclear receptor functional cell lines
  • Customized nuclear receptor cell line construction
  • Different assay formats: based on luciferase reporter gene, quantitative PCR, in-cell western, etc.
  • Determine drug potency and efficacy in agonist, antagonist or other modes
  • Stringent QC standards with competitive prices

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