1. Intellectual Property Promise

Intellectual Property Promise

Professional Driver of Science Development

To promote scientific development, MedChemExpress (MCE) is always committed to wider application of the most advanced technologies and findings. We are experts in small molecules and simultaneously dedicated in developing markets in cytokines, peptides, dyes and biological kits. We are also eager to explore any new products or technologies that can boost biological science progress.

Service Commitment

MedChemExpress (MCE) only provides professional biomedical research services to authorized research institutes and pharmaceutical companies for basic science research or drug development and declaration, but not for any other personalized or non-academic purposes.

Professional Authorization and Global Marketing Network

Our authorization department has senior legal advisers and has worked with many Institutes and personals for authorization contracts, including world-wide universities, multi-disciplinary incorporates and startup pharmaceutical companies. To protect the rights and benefits of patent owners and cooperate based on mutual respect in a flexible manner, we design contracts covering secrecy, research, transferring, authorization and supply.

The global marketing network, including the sales team and authorized agents, ensures world-wide coverage of our products. We utilize world-wide vendor show, research sponsorship, a website displaying and precise advertisement to inform millions of customers the most updated products and services.

If you have developed a product or technology that can be shared with scientists around the world, please submit your Product Authorization Form online or contact our authorization team directly at [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to cooperating with you!

Intellectual Property Commitment

We always strictly comply with the laws on intellectual property protection of every country and respect the rights and claims of ourselves and others on it. As a responsible and virtuous company, and to contribute to the progress of biological science and medicine, we will continue building wider and deeper cooperation globally. If you have any suggestions, requirements or further negotiation, please contact us at [email protected]. All questions and suggestions are welcome.


We always adhere to our service commitment, so our end-users should be only authorized research institutes or enterprises for basic science research or drug development and declaration. Our research-used products cannot be provided for any human studies, non-academic animal studies or any other personalized purposes. MedChemExpress (MCE) assumes no responsibility if you violate any rights of any third parties due to the inappropriate usage of our products.

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