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  3. Topoisomerase

DNA topoisomerases are enzymes that manipulate the topology of DNA in all cells and play essential roles in DNA replication, transcription, chromosome segregation, and recombination. In addition, these enzymes fine-tune the steady-state level of DNA supercoiling both to facilitate protein interactions with the DNA and to prevent excessive supercoiling that is deleterious. DNA topoisomerases are found in all three domains of life (bacteria, archaea and eukarya). All cells contain two major forms of topoisomerase, type I topoisomerases, which makes single-stranded cuts in DNA, and type II topoisomerases, which cuts and passes double-stranded DNA. Type I topoisomerases change the topology of DNA without the need of an external source of energy, such as ATP hydrolysis. However, all type II topoisomerases hydrolyse ATP as part of their catalytic reaction cycle. DNA topoisomerases are important targets of several approved and experimental anti-cancer agents.

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