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SPR Assay Service

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a biosensing analysis technology that utilizes the resonance between the extinction wave and the plasma wave of light in different media to construct a biosensing platform for detecting biomolecular interactions. It is used to detect the interaction between ligands and analytes on a biosensor chip.

Flowcell containing
sample matrix
Functionalized gold
sensor surface
Light Prism Detector Substrate Reflected light Reflectivity Curve Sensorgram Angle (deg.) Time
SPR schematic diagram
Service Advantages

A professional pre-sales and after-sales technical team.

Advanced equipments.

Real-time, information-rich interaction analysis data

Detection Process
Coupled ligand Sample injection Chip regeneration Data analysis

Service Types

MedChemExpress employs the Biacore T200 instrument for affinity analysis, which can be used for the study of interactions such as antigen-antibody, protein-protein, antibody-receptor, VLP protein-antibody, and protein-small molecule compounds. Additionally, MedChemExpress provides customized diversity services for customers.

Service Items Service Standard Service Period Deliverable Note
Antibody requirement: 50 μg 1-2 weeks
after receiving
the sample
If the sample solution contains NaN3, imidazole, sucrose, DTT and other substances, it should be informed in advance; If amino coupling is used for detection, protein buffer should not contain primary amino components, such as Tris buffer.
Antigen requirement: 100 μg
Protein requirement: 200 μg
Antibody requirement: 500 μg
Receptor requirement: 100 μg
VLP protein-antibody
Antibody requirement: 50 μg
Protein-small molecule
compound detection
Protein requirement: 100 μg
Small molecule compound
requirement: 200 μg
Note:a. Any surplus for all the above protein requirements can be returned.
b. The sample can be lyophilized powder or solution. If it is a solution, try to provide a high concentration sample (at least 1mg/mL).
Platform Introduction

Biacore T200 is a versatile and highly sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) system that provides various high-quality molecular interaction data. It has comprehensive characterization and similarity analysis capabilities, supporting kinetic, affinity, and specificity analysis.

Service Consultation

The SPR testing service needs to be evaluated to determine the corresponding scheme and price. For further information about service price or technical details, please send an email to [email protected] or contact the sales staff of MedChemExpress directly.

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SPR Assay Service


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