1. Screening Libraries
  2. Diversity Compound Libraries

Diversity Compound Libraries

It is proved that a diverse compound library is the most successful and straightforward starting point to find new leads. Moreover, it is the best way to enhance the research compound collections by adding new substances with different chemotypes. MCE can provide 50K Diversity Library (50,000 compounds) and 5K Scaffold Library (5,000 compounds) which are an ideal starting library for phenotypic and target-based HTS. Compounds in these libraries were selected by dissimilarity search to provide a higher variety and broader chemical space coverage. All the compounds are drug-like and have been screened to remove any inappropriate chemical structures, avoiding “false hits”.

Cat. No.
  • HY-L901 50K Diversity Library Representative diversity set and an ideal starting library for phenotypic and target-based HTS. 50000 compounds
    HY-L902 5K Scaffold Library An exceptionally diverse library. Each compound represents one unique scaffold. 5000 compounds
    HY-L903 3D Diverse Fragment Library Unique 3D diversity fragment library: a new opportunity for fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD). 5196 compounds