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c-FMS (CSF1R, CSF-1R) is located at the cell plasma membrane. c-FMS is the receptor for the ligand colony stimulating factor-1 (CSF1). c-FMS is an integral transmembrane glycoprotein that exhibits ligand-induced tyrosine-specific protein kinase activity, which triggers a signaling cascade eventually affecting transcription of CSF1-responsive genes. c-FMS tyrosine phosphorylation is induced upon binding of CSF1, leading to activation of Ras/Erk and class I-A phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling pathways, which in turn activate the signal transducers and activators of transcription (STATs) pathways, specifically STAT1, STAT3, and STAT5. c-FMS activation by CSF1 results in increased growth, proliferation and differentiation.

c-Fms Related Products (22):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-16749
    Pexidartinib Inhibitor 99.64%
    Pexidartinib (PLX-3397) is a potent, selective and ATP-competitive CSF1R (cFMS) and c-Kit inhibitor, with IC50s of 20 and 10 nM, respectively. Pexidartinib exhibits 10- to 100-fold selectivity for c-Kit and CSF1R over other related kinases. Anti-tumor activity.
  • HY-12768
    BLZ945 Inhibitor 99.56%
    BLZ945 is a potent, selective and brain-penetrant CSF-1R inhibitor with an IC50 of 1 nM, showing more than 1,000-fold selectivity against its closest receptor tyrosine kinase homologs.
  • HY-10917
    GW2580 Inhibitor 98.45%
    GW2580 is an orally bioavailable inhibitor of c-Fms kinase which completely inhibits human cFMS kinase in vitro at 0.06 μM.
  • HY-10204
    OSI-930 Inhibitor
    OSI-930 is a potent inhibitor of Kit, KDR and CSF-1R with IC50 of 80 nM, 9 nM and 15 nM, respectively; also potent to Flt-1, c-Raf and Lck and low activity against PDGFRα/β, Flt-3 and Abl.
  • HY-12009
    Pazopanib Hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.92%
    Pazopanib Hydrochloride (GW786034 Hydrochloride) is a novel multi-target inhibitor of VEGFR1, VEGFR2, VEGFR3, PDGFRβ, c-Kit, FGFR1, and c-Fms with an IC50 of 10, 30, 47, 84, 74, 140 and 146 nM, respectively.
  • HY-111787
    CSF1R-IN-2 Inhibitor
    CSF1R-IN-2 (compound 5) is an oral-active inhibitor of SRC, MET and c-FMS, with IC50 values of 0.12 nM, 0.14 nM and 0.76 nM for SRC, MET and c-FMS respectively.
  • HY-16749A
    Pexidartinib hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.50%
    Pexidartinib hydrochloride (PLX-3397 hydrochloride) is a potent, selective and ATP-competitive CSF1R (cFMS) and c-Kit inhibitor, with IC50s of 20 and 10 nM, respectively. Pexidartinib exhibits 10- to 100-fold selectivity for c-Kit and CSF1R over other related kinases. Anti-cancer activity.
  • HY-117244
    AZD7507 Inhibitor
    AZD7507 is a potent and orally active CSF-1R inhibitor, with antitumor activity.
  • HY-10408
    Ki20227 Inhibitor 99.30%
    Ki-20227 is a highly selective c-Fms tyrosine kinase(CSF1R) inhibitor with IC50 value of 2 nM; 6 fold and > 100 fold selectivity over VEGFR2(IC50=12 nM) and c-Kit/PDGFRβ(IC50=451/217 nM), respectively.
  • HY-109086
    Edicotinib Inhibitor 99.88%
    Edicotinib is a selective and orally available colony-stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1) receptor inhibitor, and has entered phase IIA clinical trial to study rheumatoid arthritis (RA) despite disease.
  • HY-18787
    c-Fms-IN-2 Inhibitor 99.05%
    c-Fms-IN-2 is a FMS kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.024 μM.
  • HY-13838
    PLX647 Inhibitor 98.20%
    PLX647 is a highly specific dual FMS/KIT kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 28/16 nM respectively.
  • HY-101526R
    GENZ-882706(Raceme) Inhibitor 98.79%
    GENZ-882706(Raceme) is the racemate of GENZ-882706.
  • HY-13075
    c-Fms-IN-3 Inhibitor 99.39%
    c-Fms-IN-3 is a novel c-Fms kinase inhibitor with a potential as anti-inflammatory agent and antirheumatic agent.
  • HY-101526
    GENZ-882706 Inhibitor
    GENZ-882706 is a potent colony stimulating factor-1 receptor (CSF-1R) Inhibitor extracted from patent WO 2017015267A1.
  • HY-122906
    JTE-952 Inhibitor
    JTE-952 is a potent, oral active and selective Type II inhibitor of colony stimulating factor-1 receptor (CSF-1R or cFMS, type III receptor tyrosine kinase), with IC50 values of 13 nM and 261 nM for CSF1R and TrkA , respectively. Effective against a mouse collagen-induced model of arthritis.
  • HY-119942
    c-Fms-IN-8 Inhibitor
    c-Fms-IN-8 (compound 4a) is a colony stimulating factor-1 receptor (CSF-1R, c-FMS) Type II inhibitor, with an IC50 of 9.1 nM.
  • HY-101774
    CSF1R-IN-1 Inhibitor
    CSF1R-IN-1 is a CSF1R inhibitor with an with an IC50 of 0.5 nM.
  • HY-18791
    c-Fms-IN-1 Inhibitor
    c-Fms-IN-1 is a FMS kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.0008 μM.
  • HY-112451
    cFMS Receptor Inhibitor II Inhibitor
    cFMS Receptor Inhibitor II is a CSF1R kinase inhibitor. CSF-1 is a cytokine.
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