1. Screening Libraries

Screening Libraries

The success of high throughput screening (HTS) in finding decent starting points for drug discovery heavily depends on the quality of the compound library. MCE can provide 170+ compound libraries which include Bioactive Screening Libraries, Diversity Compound Libraries and Virtual Screening Database. These libraries contain over 16 million available compounds. What’s more, each compound has validated bioactivity data and/or physicochemical properties. These compound libraries are useful professional tools for drug discovery and new indication research and can be used for HTS, high-content screening (HCS) and virtual screening (VS).

• Bioactive Screening Libraries: Our ready-to-use bioactive compound libraries consist of over 15,000 small molecules with validated biological and pharmacological activities.

• Diversity Compound Libraries: Representative diversity sets consist of 50K Diversity Library (50,000 compounds) and 5K Scaffold Library (5,000 compounds).

• Virtual Screening Database: 50+ compound libraries which including 16 million diverse screening compounds with unusual structures and unique properties.

• MCE offers customized compound libraries based on your specific needs. You can select compounds, format (powder/liquid), size and plate map depending on your requirements.


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Compound Screening Libraries
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  • HY-L901 50K Diversity Library Representative diversity set and an ideal starting library for phenotypic and target-based HTS. 50000 compounds
    HY-L902 5K Scaffold Library An exceptionally diverse library. Each compound represents one unique scaffold. 5000 compounds
  • HY-L032 Fragment Library Unique compounds developed for fragment-based drug discovery. 18748 compounds