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FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini

Cat. No.: HY-L022M
Library Contents: XLSX PDF

A unique, ready-to-use collection of 1560 marketed drugs for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS).

FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini
Size (Pre-dissolved DMSO) Price Stock
10 μL/well (10 mM solution) Get quote In-stock

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& Advantages

•   A unique collection of 1560 marketed drugs for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS).

•   Used in the research of oncology, cardiology, anti-inflammatory, immunology, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology, and more.

•   A useful tool for researching new targets of marketed old drugs.

•   All compounds have been approved by the FDA or EMA.

•   Structurally diverse, bioactive, and cell permeable.

•   More detailed compound information with structure, IC50, and brief introduction.

•   NMR and HPLC validated ensure high purity.

•   All compounds are in stock and continuously updated.

  FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini FDA-Approved Drug Library (Cat. No.: HY-L022)
Size 10 μL in DMSO 30, 50, 100, and 250 μL in DMSO
Package 96-well microplate with peelable foil seal 96-Well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap
Delivery Date Within three days About one month
Price Per Set Low High
Preparation For Use Tear off the seal film on the microplate If there is no robot, each tube needs to be manually opened

•   Easily peelable foil seal makes the screening process easier and faster.

•   Lower price, more compounds.

•   Avoid multiple and uneven dispensing.

•   Reduce risks of product cross-contamination.

•   Avoid reduced activity due to long-term storage.


1   Can we centrifuge the whole rack?

Yes. It is advised to centrifuge all of the samples before experimental use. Recommended centrifugation for this plate is 1000g or less.

2   How can I use the 2D barcode on the microplate lid?

Use an HD barcode scanner to scan the barcode, and then find the corresponding plate and compound information in the Excel or the provided hard copy.

3   What are the appropriate compound storage conditions?

For solutions, store at -80°C. For some special compounds, specific handling instructions are provided.

4   After receiving the compound library, the ice box has melted, will this affect the efficacy of thecompound?

MCE products are primarily chemical synthesis products which are not temperature sensitive. The ice boxes inside of the packages are used to prevent the occurrence of extreme temperatures during the process of transportation, and a melted icebox will not affect the reagent quality. After transit, the icebox is no longer needed.

Product Details
A collection of 1560 marketed drugs supplied as pre-dissolved DMSO solutions
96 Well Microplate With Peelable Foil Seal
Blue ice

FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini

Source: MedChem Express

Contents of FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini

Plate layout: HY-L022M-1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Sisomicin (sulfate) Streptomycin (sulfate) Plerixafor (octahydrochloride) Zoledronic acid (monohydrate) Paromomycin (sulfate) Netilmicin (sulfate) Neomycin (sulfate) Levoleucovorin (Calcium) Peramivir (trihydrate) Capreomycin (sulfate) Empty
b Empty Amikacin (sulfate) Stibogluconate (sodium) Gluconate (Calcium) Histamine (phosphate) Mangafodipir (trisodium) Cromolyn (sodium) 4-(Aminomethyl)benzoic acid L-Glutamic acid monosodium salt Citicoline Tranexamic acid Empty
c Empty Ozagrel (sodium) Chloroquine (diphosphate) Gadobutrol L-Ornithine Heparin (sodium salt) Sugammadex (sodium) Zanamivir Citicoline sodium salt Ribostamycin (sulfate) Glucosamine Empty
d Empty L-Arginine Ibrutinib Etomidate (hydrochloride) Tebipenem pivoxil Epirubicin (hydrochloride) Raltitrexed Guanabenz (Acetate) Danofloxacin (mesylate) Ioversol Balofloxacin Empty
e Empty Tetramisole (hydrochloride) Metaxalone Nitrofurazone Rocuronium (Bromide) Ademetionine Micafungin (sodium) Gemifloxacin (mesylate) Cefuroxime (sodium) Bephenium (hydroxynaphthoate) Cefoselis (sulfate) Empty
f Empty Ifenprodil (tartrate) Levosimendan Amorolfine (hydrochloride) Dehydrocholic acid Clomipramine (hydrochloride) Mefenamic acid Tofacitinib (citrate) Biapenem Lacidipine Telbivudine Empty
g Empty Nicotinamide Toremifene (Citrate) Gluconate (sodium) Sulfaguanidine Cloxacillin (sodium monohydrate) Brompheniramine (maleate) Imatinib (Mesylate) Amifostine Rosiglitazone (maleate) Ozenoxacin Empty
h Empty GS-7340 Imidapril (hydrochloride) Epinastine 5-Aminosalicylic Acid Benidipine (hydrochloride) Vitamin B12 Lumefantrine Acetylcysteine Piracetam UK 14,304 (tartrate) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-2

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Succinylsulfathiazole Bifonazole Azelnidipine Reserpine (hydrochloride) Ursodiol Vigabatrin 3,3',5-Triiodo-L-thyronine Rofecoxib Felbamate Trelagliptin Empty
b Empty Pralatrexate Empty Gadodiamide Rutin Lamotrigine Clevidipine Pyrantel (pamoate) Allantoin Goserelin (acetate) Rotundine Empty
c Empty Brexpiprazole Caspofungin (Acetate) Salmeterol (xinafoate) Bromocriptine (mesylate) Dexmedetomidine (hydrochloride) Dimethyl fumarate Novobiocin (Sodium) Atracurium (besylate) Sulfaphenazole Cetylpyridinium (chloride monohydrate) Empty
d Empty Nadifloxacin Propylthiouracil Asenapine (hydrochloride) Rifaximin Afatinib (dimaleate) Clofazimine Efonidipine (hydrochloride monoethanolate) Sapropterin (dihydrochloride) Rufinamide Cilastatin Empty
e Empty Chlorpropamide Methimazole Pancuronium (dibromide) Oxantel (pamoate) Mosapride (citrate) Alverine (citrate) Dutasteride Penciclovir Dimetridazole Oxacillin (sodium monohydrate) Empty
f Empty Mycophenolate Mofetil Dexamethasone (acetate) Trihexyphenidyl (hydrochloride) Rupatadine (Fumarate) Azithromycin Amitriptyline (hydrochloride) GS-7340 (hemifumarate) Anethole (trithione) Aliskiren (hemifumarate) Capecitabine Empty
g Empty Pentostatin Valsartan Delamanid Pimecrolimus LEE011 (succinate) Bemegride Gamithromycin L-(-)-α-Methyldopa (hydrate) Trimethadione Benzamil hydrochloride Empty
h Empty Methacycline (hydrochloride) 1-Docosanol Etravirine Piperacillin (sodium) Lercanidipine (hydrochloride) Methotrexate Empty Dapagliflozin Phenoxybenzamine (hydrochloride) Carbamoylcholine (chloride) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-3

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Lecithin Topiramate Bedaquiline (fumarate) Gestodene Niclosamide Pitolisant (hydrochloride) Solifenacin (hydrochloride) Nitrendipine Ornipressin Triflupromazine (hydrochloride) Empty
b Empty Natamycin Hydroxyfasudil (hydrochloride) Auranofin Primidone sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine Oxeladin (citrate) Olsalazine (Disodium) Clemizole (hydrochloride) Primaquine (Diphosphate) Scopolamine (butylbromide) Empty
c Empty Azaphen (dihydrochloride monohydrate) Ropivacaine hydrochloride Ledipasvir (acetone) Chlorthalidone Bisoctrizole Verteporfin Nitroprusside (disodium dihydrate) Cephalothin (sodium) Warfarin Selumetinib Empty
d Empty Fosinopril (sodium) Avobenzone Guanidine (hydrochloride) Dirithromycin Miriplatin Deferoxamine (mesylate) Tolazamide Tafluprost Diquafosol (tetrasodium) Trimetazidine (dihydrochloride) Empty
e Empty Saquinavir BIBF 1120 Monensin sodium salt Irinotecan (hydrochloride) Omeprazole Bromhexine (hydrochloride) Perindopril (erbumine) Azelastine (hydrochloride) Miridesap Halcinonide Empty
f Empty Hydroxychloroquine sulfate Buflomedil (hydrochloride) Spiramycin Levosulpiride Dequalinium (Chloride) (+)-Ketoconazole Mepivacaine (hydrochloride) Ixazomib Tafamidis Nafcillin (sodium monohydrate) Empty
g Empty Trametinib (DMSO solvate) Betaxolol (hydrochloride) Dihydroergotamine (mesylate) Tenofovir (hydrate) Plerixafor Dabigatran etexilate Oxybutynin Desonide Sertraline (hydrochloride) Quinapril (hydrochloride) Empty
h Empty Pamidronic acid Methoxsalen Almitrine mesylate Carfilzomib Fasudil (Hydrochloride) Cloperastine fendizoate Lodoxamide Pazopanib (Hydrochloride) Pivmecillinam (hydrochloride) Fosfomycin (calcium) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-4

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty GS-7340 (fumarate) ABT-199 Proparacaine (Hydrochloride) Malotilate Lifitegrast Cidofovir Sotalol (hydrochloride) 4-Chloro-3-methylphenol Zaltoprofen Ceftazidime Empty
b Empty Erythromycin Dimemorfan (phosphate) Avibactam (sodium hydrate) Prucalopride Olprinone (Hydrochloride) Citric acid (trilithium salt tetrahydrate) Cyclobenzaprine (hydrochloride) Edrophonium (chloride) L-Arginine (hydrochloride) Pamidronate (disodium pentahydrate) Empty
c Empty Tiratricol Dantrolene (sodium hemiheptahydrate) Sorafenib Danazol Oxytetracycline Imiquimod Mestranol Spectinomycin (dihydrochloride) Colchicine Kanamycin (sulfate) Empty
d Empty Sildenafil (citrate) Paclitaxel Ruxolitinib Estriol Simeprevir Nedaplatin Faropenem sodium Methylthiouracil Acetohydroxamic acid AZD-9291 (mesylate) Empty
e Empty NS-304 Risedronate (sodium) Protoporphyrin IX Firocoxib Guacetisal 6-Aminocaproic acid Bestatin Sulfasalazine Deoxycholic acid sodium salt Lomefloxacin (hydrochloride) Empty
f Empty Busulfan Piromidic acid Nelfinavir (Mesylate) Avibactam (sodium) Atazanavir (sulfate) Cefepime (Dihydrochloride Monohydrate) Fingolimod (hydrochloride) Benzbromarone Alibendol Alendronate (sodium hydrate) Empty
g Empty Nimodipine Pazopanib Flufenamic acid Alprenolol (hydrochloride) Rebamipide Ibandronate (Sodium Monohydrate) Levobupivacaine (hydrochloride) α-Lipoic Acid Amiodarone (hydrochloride) Nitisinone Empty
h Empty Vancomycin (hydrochloride) Besifloxacin (Hydrochloride) Mexiletine (hydrochloride) Pasiniazid Galanthamine Fondaparinux (sodium) Abacavir (sulfate) Parecoxib Vinblastine (sulfate) Cefditoren (Pivoxil) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-5

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Doxazosin (mesylate) Selamectin Candesartan (Cilexetil) Daunorubicin (Hydrochloride) Lomerizine dihydrochloride 3,3',5-Triiodo-L-thyronine (sodium) 4-Aminopyridine Brivudine Idarubicin (hydrochloride) Itraconazole Empty
b Empty Fulvestrant Fusidic acid (sodium salt) Etoposide Ginsenoside Rg3 Sodium tauroglycocholate Tosufloxacin (tosylate hydrate) Eltrombopag (Olamine) Proglumide Dronedarone Sulbutiamine Empty
c Empty Gadodiamide (hydrate) Fexofenadine (hydrochloride) Conivaptan (hydrochloride) Cobimetinib (hemifumarate) Moexipril (hydrochloride) LX1606 Nilotinib (monohydrochloride monohydrate) Ombitasvir LCZ696 Penfluridol Empty
d Empty Teneligliptin (hydrobromide) Bepotastine (Beslilate) Pentamidine (isethionate) Telithromycin Teniposide Hydroxyurea Netupitant Velpatasvir Entrectinib Indacaterol (maleate) Empty
e Empty Darunavir (Ethanolate) Telaprevir Lomitapide Berberine (chloride hydrate) Iopanoic acid Mebhydrolin (napadisylate) Ponatinib Tenofovir (Disoproxil Fumarate) Nintedanib esylate Dienogest Empty
f Empty Metoprolol (Succinate) Rifabutin Montelukast (sodium) Posaconazole Lopinavir Dabigatran etexilate (mesylate) Aclidinium (Bromide) Roxithromycin Avanafil CH5424802 (Hydrochloride) Empty
g Empty Indinavir (sulfate) LDK378 Ciclesonide Ouabain (Octahydrate) Sivelestat (sodium tetrahydrate) Bazedoxifene (acetate) Bedaquiline Clarithromycin Cinepazide (Maleate) Sulpiride Empty
h Empty Tigecycline Darunavir Garenoxacin (Mesylate hydrate) Macitentan Cabozantinib (S-malate) (±)-Bisoprolol (hemifumarate) Piribedil Sparfloxacin Aminophylline Bepridil hydrochloride Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-6

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Vidarabine Anisodamine Betaxolol Maprotiline (hydrochloride) Pramipexole (dihydrochloride) Taltirelin Mebendazole Tiagabine (hydrochloride) Tamibarotene Sulfathiazole (sodium) Empty
b Empty Chlorpheniramine (maleate) Docusate (Sodium) Propoxycaine (hydrochloride) Rilpivirine Pefloxacin (mesylate) Methylprednisolone Sunitinib Abiraterone (acetate) Meloxicam Tazarotene Empty
c Empty Etidronic acid Chlormezanone Stavudine Moxisylyte (hydrochloride) Iguratimod Adapalene Mianserin (hydrochloride) Ticarcillin (disodium) Dexchlorpheniramine (maleate) Azathioprine Empty
d Empty Nicorandil Sodium phenylbutyrate Methacholine (chloride) Prasugrel Deferasirox Ambroxol Cephalexin Cyproheptadine (hydrochloride sesquihydrate) Betamethasone Metoclopramide (hydrochloride hydrate) Empty
e Empty Bendazol Capsaicin Acyclovir Olopatadine (hydrochloride) Decloxizine (dihydrochloride) Empty Granisetron (Hydrochloride) Tinoridine hydrochloride Felbinac INT-747 Empty
f Empty Parecoxib (Sodium) Carbazochrome (sodium sulfonate) Protriptyline (hydrochloride) Ambrisentan Labetalol (hydrochloride) Piperidolate (hydrochloride) Antazoline (hydrochloride) Mozavaptan Iloperidone Sulfacarbamide Empty
g Empty Atenolol Benserazide (hydrochloride) Amlexanox Vonoprazan Bezafibrate Molindone (hydrochloride) Atovaquone Dexamethasone Cefprozil (monohydrate) Trospium (chloride) Empty
h Empty Sulfalene Lamivudine Empty Estradiol (benzoate) Fluoxetine (hydrochloride) Trimethobenzamide hydrochloride Artemotil Tolbutamide Diphylline Losartan Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Zileuton Desoximetasone Adiphenine (hydrochloride) Econazole (nitrate) Oxaceprol Dapsone Chlorothiazide Moclobemide Pimavanserin Leuprolide Acetate Empty
b Empty Chlorzoxazone Efinaconazole Phentolamine (mesylate) Bilastine Pralidoxime (chloride) Dichlorisone acetate Desloratadine Trapidil Teriflunomide Valproic acid Empty
c Empty Triamterene Podophyllotoxin Sitagliptin (phosphate monohydrate) Ceftibuten (dihydrate) 6-Mercaptopurine hydrate Fluocinolone (Acetonide) Tranilast Chlormadinone (acetate) Teneligliptin Allopurinol Empty
d Empty Sulfamethoxazole Ipratropium (bromide) Cortisone Gefitinib Resorcinol Dinoprost (tromethamine salt) Safinamide Empty Hexachlorophene Salicylic acid Empty
e Empty Irsogladine Spironolactone Fotemustine Empty Glipizide Gemfibrozil Tofacitinib Lovastatin Idoxuridine 5-Fluorouracil Empty
f Empty S-(+)-Ketoprofen Bexarotene Drospirenone Sertindole Buspirone (hydrochloride) Vismodegib Dapoxetine (hydrochloride) Ethambutol (dihydrochloride) Adenosine Tavaborole Empty
g Empty Orotic acid Mefloquine (hydrochloride) Finasteride Doripenem (monohydrate) Argatroban (monohydrate) Tipiracil (hydrochloride) Rimantadine (hydrochloride) Deoxycholic acid Sulfameter Cisatracurium (besylate) Empty
h Empty Pranoprofen Paroxetine (hydrochloride) Propafenone (hydrochloride) Prulifloxacin Simvastatin Carbetapentane (citrate) Domperidone Nefazodone (hydrochloride) Regorafenib (monohydrate) Mupirocin Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Donepezil (Hydrochloride) Oxcarbazepine Vorinostat Tedizolid Rolapitant Afloqualone Pargyline (hydrochloride) Dapagliflozin ((2S)-1,2-propanediol, hydrate) Demeclocycline (hydrochloride) Halobetasol (propionate) Empty
b Empty Kasugamycin (hydrochloride hydrate) Aripiprazole Cabozantinib Spectinomycin (dihydrochloride pentahydrate) Leflunomide Ketotifen (fumarate) Antipyrine Betamethasone dipropionate Rosuvastatin (Calcium) Fudosteine Empty
c Empty Fosphenytoin (disodium) Camostat (mesylate) Artemisinin Verapamil (hydrochloride) Ropinirole (hydrochloride) Tadalafil Betamipron Glycopyrrolate Hydroxyzine (dihydrochloride) Clopidogrel (hydrogen sulfate) Empty
d Empty Apatinib Imatinib Azelaic acid Oxiconazole nitrate Cefmetazole (sodium) Setiptiline (maleate) Ospemifene Acrivastine Oxolamine (citrate) Boceprevir Empty
e Empty Ziprasidone (hydrochloride monohydrate) Nitroxoline Aspirin Pranlukast (hemihydrate) Mephenesin Loxoprofen Taurochenodeoxycholic acid Sitafloxacin (hydrate) Menaquinone-4 (2S)-2-Amino-3-methyl-3-sulfanylbutanoic acid Empty
f Empty Ertapenem sodium Irbesartan VX-809 Tirofiban (hydrochloride monohydrate) Probenecid Belinostat Hexylresorcinol Fluticasone (propionate) Colistin (sulfate) Ivabradine (hydrochloride) Empty
g Empty Tauroursodeoxycholate (Sodium) Dipyridamole Carbimazole Niraparib tosylate Suplatast (Tosilate) Mirtazapine Citric acid Pranlukast Dolutegravir (sodium) Sertaconazole (nitrate) Empty
h Empty Loperamide (hydrochloride) Tranylcypromine (hemisulfate) 10-Undecenoic acid Lornoxicam Crizotinib (hydrochloride) Alprenolol Diatrizoic acid Clomiphene (citrate) Famciclovir Cytarabine Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-9

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Riluzole hydrochloride Empty Lafutidine Dronedarone (Hydrochloride) L-Ascorbic acid sodium salt Promazine (hydrochloride) Diosmin Valnemulin (Hydrochloride) Tropicamide Sulconazole (nitrate) Empty
b Empty Sofalcone Gabapentin enacarbil Empty Aliskiren Orlistat Empty Nafamostat (mesylate) Iopromide Febuxostat Canagliflozin (hemihydrate) Empty
c Empty Amiloride hydrochloride dihydrate 6-Acetamidohexanoic acid Otilonium (bromide) Cilazapril (monohydrate) Rivastigmine Rivastigmine (tartrate) Aprepitant PSI-7977 Milnacipran ((1S-cis) hydrochloride) Ramelteon Empty
d Empty Benfotiamine Bromisoval Felypressin Irinotecan Baricitinib (phosphate) Lenalidomide LEE011 (succinate hydrate) Regorafenib Tropisetron Clevudine Empty
e Empty Luliconazole Teprenone Bethanechol (chloride) Rifampicin Choline Fenofibrate Diflunisal Vecuronium (bromide) Prednisone Lesinurad (sodium) Lidocaine Empty
f Empty Valacyclovir (hydrochloride) Empty Halothane Daclatasvir (dihydrochloride) Erdosteine Tinidazole Rifapentine Bisacodyl Acebutolol (hydrochloride) Phenelzine (sulfate) Empty
g Empty Crizotinib Metyrapone Donepezil Fomepizole Carmustine Diltiazem (hydrochloride) Delavirdine (mesylate) Sodium Picosulfate PTC124 Sulfacetamide (Sodium) Empty
h Empty Oxyclozanide Quinine Scopolamine (hydrobromide) Lasofoxifene (Tartrate) Chlorhexidine Enasidenib Tegafur Fluconazole Loteprednol Etabonate Meclizine (dihydrochloride) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Quetiapine (fumarate) Sulindac Doxycycline (hyclate) Solifenacin (Succinate) Dabrafenib (Mesylate) Cefonicid (sodium) Fluvoxamine (maleate) Trametinib Empty Cetirizine (dihydrochloride) Empty
b Empty Tetracycline (hydrochloride) Vilazodone Vilazodone (Hydrochloride) Miconazole (nitrate) LX1606 (Hippurate) Atorvastatin (hemicalcium salt) Empty Terazosin (hydrochloride dihydrate) L-Epinephrine (Bitartrate) Acarbose Empty
c Empty Ibutilide (fumarate) Dimenhydrinate Gabexate (mesylate) Isoconazole (nitrate) Ivermectin Carbetocin Misoprostol Pizotifen Alogliptin (Benzoate) Daclatasvir Empty
d Empty Losartan (potassium) Ethacridine (lactate monohydrate) Troglitazone Silibinin Cobimetinib Olmesartan (medoxomil) Triamcinolone (acetonide) Metoclopramide Clindamycin (hydrochloride) Ceftriaxone (sodium salt) Empty
e Empty Vincamine Nebivolol (hydrochloride) Raltegravir Cinnarizine Iopamidol Ledipasvir Sivelestat Propranolol (hydrochloride) Apixaban Tizanidine (hydrochloride) Empty
f Empty Pyrithioxin (dihydrochloride) Canagliflozin Seratrodast Empty Iohexol Enasidenib (mesylate) Quetiapine Apremilast Benazepril (hydrochloride) Famotidine Empty
g Empty Naproxen Deflazacort Floxuridine Azlocillin (sodium salt) Palbociclib (isethionate) Moxalactam (sodium salt) Budesonide Clemastine (fumarate) Tobramycin Sorafenib (Tosylate) Empty
h Empty Lincomycin (hydrochloride hydrate) Clobetasol propionate Dofetilide Cobicistat Chlorhexidine (digluconate) Zafirlukast Cefmenoxime (hydrochloride) Fenofibrate Thiamine nitrate L-Ascorbic acid Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Agomelatine (hydrochloride) Sulfisomidin Balsalazide Diphenhydramine (hydrochloride) Etamivan Dyclonine (hydrochloride) Sarpogrelate (hydrochloride) Cefoxitin (sodium) Azasetron (hydrochloride) Miglitol Empty
b Empty Bronopol Benztropine (mesylate) Phenytoin (sodium) Eflornithine (hydrochloride, hydrate) Acetohexamide Minaprine Cyclandelate Rosiglitazone Ketanserin Fenoprofen (Calcium hydrate) Empty
c Empty Treosulfan Tamoxifen Prazosin (hydrochloride) Cefaclor Oxybutynin (chloride) Nabumetone Riociguat Octocrylene Pipemidic acid Ibuprofen Empty
d Empty Menadione Nedocromil 5-Azacytidine Flunarizine (dihydrochloride) Hydroxyfasudil Zidovudine Tolvaptan Indomethacin Terbutaline (sulfate) Azilsartan Empty
e Empty Perphenazine (R)-Lansoprazole Glucosamine (hydrochloride) Lactulose Emtricitabine Chlorphenoxamine Dithranol Cinacalcet Diphenmanil (methylsulfate) Etofenamate Empty
f Empty Milrinone Pentoxifylline Betahistine (dihydrochloride) Chlorprothixene Folic acid Azaperone Eplerenone Orphenadrine (citrate) Pheniramine (Maleate) Tolperisone (hydrochloride) Empty
g Empty Carbinoxamine maleate salt Xylometazoline (hydrochloride) Rotigotine (Hydrochloride) Fosfluconazole Metformin (hydrochloride) Pramocaine (hydrochloride) Flupirtine (Maleate) Olmesartan Methylprednisolone succinate Prostaglandin E2 Empty
h Empty Ronidazole Altretamine Griseofulvin Cefadroxil Pyrimethamine Quinine (hydrochloride dihydrate) Melphalan 3-Methyl-7-chloro-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine 1,1-dioxide Thalidomide Asenapine (maleate) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-12

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Butoconazole (nitrate) Diacerein Galanthamine (hydrobromide) Piroxicam Pidotimod Tioconazole Bortezomib Levocarnitine propionate (hydrochloride) Tulobuterol hydrochloride CH5424802 Empty
b Empty Mitoxantrone (dihydrochloride) Stiripentol Salsalate Abacavir Didanosine Lomustine Fingolimod Ciprofibrate Ketoprofen Cinobufotalin Empty
c Empty Cariprazine (hydrochloride) Nizatidine Melatonin Amisulpride Nefopam (hydrochloride) Atropine (sulfate monohydrate) Eprosartan (mesylate) Atropine Empty Thiamine monochloride Empty
d Empty Milnacipran (hydrochloride) Ethynodiol (diacetate) Mitiglinide (Calcium) Dobutamine (hydrochloride) Levofloxacin (hydrate) Empagliflozin Pemetrexed (disodium hemipenta hydrate) Nepafenac Setiptiline Valbenazine Empty
e Empty Amodiaquin (dihydrochloride dihydrate) Neostigmine (methyl sulfate) Dihydroergotoxine (mesylate) Sulbactam Mafenide (Acetate) Cevimeline (hydrochloride) Cisapride Ganciclovir Methazolamide AZD-9291 Empty
f Empty Topotecan (Hydrochloride) Clebopride (malate) Triclosan Carbamazepine Gastrodin Fludrocortisone (acetate) Propantheline (bromide) Albendazole Bivalirudin (Trifluoroacetate) Icotinib (Hydrochloride) Empty
g Empty Alvimopan (dihydrate) Isradipine Tenoxicam Tetracaine Esmolol (hydrochloride) (-)-Huperzine A Ulipristal (acetate) Propyphenazone Gemcitabine Vitamin K1 Empty
h Empty Ticagrelor Ampicillin (sodium) Riluzole Nalidixic acid Baricitinib Salbutamol (hemisulfate) LDK378 (dihydrochloride) Captopril Ornidazole Piroctone olamine Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-13

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Eicosapentaenoic Acid Tacrolimus (monohydrate) Manidipine (dihydrochloride) Tazobactam Carprofen L-Thyroxine Octenidine (dihydrochloride) Estrone Decitabine Phenylpiracetam Empty
b Empty Chlorambucil Terconazole Tocofersolan Nifuroxazide Phenindione Gliquidone Reserpine Dolasetron Fertirelin Entacapone Empty
c Empty Anastrozole Nilotinib Rucaparib (Camsylate) Ornidazole (Levo-) Alpha-Estradiol Bosentan Chlorophyllin (sodium copper salt) Aniracetam Edaravone Enzalutamide Empty
d Empty Idebenone Tamoxifen (Citrate) Bosentan (hydrate) Pimavanserin tartrate Pomalidomide Saquinavir (Mesylate) Ketoconazole Ledipasvir (D-tartrate) Gallic acid Desogestrel Empty
e Empty Clofarabine Doxorubicin (hydrochloride) Cabazitaxel Empty Nelarabine Edoxaban (tosylate monohydrate) Cefoperazone Theophylline Retinoic acid Praziquantel Empty
f Empty Vortioxetine Docetaxel Pixantrone (dimaleate) Detomidine (hydrochloride) Entecavir (monohydrate) Cefozopran (hydrochloride) Riboflavin Tetrabutyrate Olanzapine Rivaroxaban Cetilistat Empty
g Empty Meclofenoxate (hydrochloride) Amlodipine (besylate) Midecamycin Levobetaxolol (hydrochloride) Canrenone Sodium diatrizoate Duloxetine (hydrochloride) Oxytocin (acetate) Nikethamide Faropenem daloxate Empty
h Empty Roxatidine (Acetate Hydrochloride) Lapatinib (ditosylate) Lapatinib Ethacridine (lactate) Clozapine Digoxin Empty Amezinium (methylsulfate) Chlormethine (hydrochloride) Imidafenacin Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-14

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Raloxifene (hydrochloride) Flibanserin Aceglutamide Alfuzosin Olaparib Tilorone (dihydrochloride) Gabapentin Valproic acid (sodium salt) Benactyzine hydrochloride Tetrabenazine Empty
b Empty Telmisartan Rauwolscine (hydrochloride) Succimer Clinofibrate Ciclopirox Elvitegravir Fludarabine (phosphate) 2-Ethoxybenzamide Empty Mitotane Empty
c Empty Ixazomib citrate Lenvatinib Trimebutine (maleate) Gliclazide Bambuterol (hydrochloride) Troxipide Flumethasone Gimeracil Diclofenac (Sodium) Prothionamide Empty
d Empty Nicardipine (Hydrochloride) Nevirapine Adefovir dipivoxil Cevimeline (hydrochloride hemihydrate) D-Panthenol Furazolidone Sitagliptin Efavirenz 9-Aminoacridine Norethindrone acetate Empty
e Empty Dasatinib (hydrochloride) Pemirolast (potassium) Heptaminol (hydrochloride) Procarbazine (Hydrochloride) Hydrocortisone (acetate) Procainamide (hydrochloride) Prednisolone (disodium phosphate) Nitrofurantoin Salmeterol Ramosetron (Hydrochloride) Empty
f Empty Bumetanide Carglumic Acid Udenafil Pirenzepine (dihydrochloride) Bicalutamide Clonidine (hydrochloride) Cefixime Uridin Clotrimazole Brinzolamide Empty
g Empty Fenticonazole (Nitrate) Lenalidomide (hemihydrate) Gatifloxacin Furosemide Crotamiton Ofloxacin Dexamethasone phosphate disodium Acipimox Ketorolac (tromethamine salt) Imipramine (hydrochloride) Empty
h Empty Retapamulin Pantoprazole (sodium) Vorapaxar Cytidine Carvedilol Acitretin Alcaftadine Sodium 4-aminosalicylate dihydrate Aceclofenac Rucaparib (phosphate) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-15

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Hydralazine (hydrochloride) Temocapril (hydrochloride) Pravastatin (sodium) Etomidate Triflusal Sulfamethazine Naftifine (hydrochloride) Rasagiline (mesylate) Sulfisoxazole Bucladesine (calcium salt) Empty
b Empty Niflumic acid Topiroxostat Cefamandole (nafate) Menadione bisulfite (sodium) Ribavirin Trandolapril D-Cycloserine Voriconazole Cyproterone (acetate) Minoxidil Empty
c Empty Ranolazine (dihydrochloride) Estropipate TAK-438 Nilvadipine Empty Moroxydine (hydrochloride) Fenspiride (Hydrochloride) Ruxolitinib (phosphate) Voglibose Prucalopride (succinate) Empty
d Empty Nifuratel Trimipramine (maleate) Amlodipine (maleate) Carteolol (hydrochloride) Articaine (hydrochloride) Amoxicillin (sodium) Belotecan (hydrochloride) Naftopidil Valganciclovir (hydrochloride) Palbociclib (hydrochloride) Empty
e Empty Clofibric acid Vandetanib Flucloxacillin sodium Racecadotril Clofibrate Guaifenesin Pipobroman Pemetrexed Ranitidine (hydrochloride) Carmofur Empty
f Empty Methicillin (sodium salt) Probucol Vardenafil (hydrochloride) Flutamide Estradiol Lansoprazole LEE011 Pramiracetam Citalopram (hydrobromide) Miglustat (hydrochloride) Empty
g Empty Fursultiamine Pindolol Sulfadiazine Lidocaine (hydrochloride) Megestrol (Acetate) Zonisamide Prednisolone Tucidinostat Benzyl benzoate Aztreonam Empty
h Empty Sapacitabine Fluphenazine (dihydrochloride) B-HT 920 Cinacalcet (hydrochloride) Empty Tolazoline (hydrochloride) Linagliptin Isosorbide mononitrate Cefazolin (sodium) Procyclidine (hydrochloride) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-16

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Quinidine Tripelennamine (hydrochloride) Torsemide Diclofenac Bufexamac Medroxyprogesterone (acetate) Fimasartan Naratriptan (hydrochloride) Hydroxyprogesterone caproate Trelagliptin (succinate) Empty
b Empty Ajmaline Diiodohydroxyquinoline Dorzolamide (hydrochloride) Mepyramine maleate Cyproheptadine (hydrochloride) Clorprenaline hydrochloride Tedizolid (phosphate) Fludarabine Sulfogaiacol Erlotinib Empty
c Empty Naftidrofuryl (oxalate) Itopride (hydrochloride) Loxapine Hydroquinidine Fadrozole Doxylamine (succinate) Enalapril (maleate) Letrozole Guanfacine (hydrochloride) Trilostane Empty
d Empty Meticrane Anagrelide (hydrochloride) Amoxapine Terbinafine Deracoxib Agomelatine Embelin Meglumine Terpin (hydrate) Fenoldopam (mesylate) Empty
e Empty Gefarnate Flumazenil Disulfiram Triamcinolone Osalmid Molsidomine Cilnidipine Amantadine (hydrochloride) Acetylcholine (chloride) Mirabegron Empty
f Empty Etofylline Betaine (hydrochloride) Deferiprone Dimesna Amsacrine Flurbiprofen Acamprosate (calcium) L-SelenoMethionine Emeramide Chenodeoxycholic Acid Empty
g Empty Carbidopa 10-Undecenoic acid (zinc salt) Dolutegravir Nimorazole Nortriptyline (hydrochloride) Moxonidine Glibenclamide Temozolomide Chromocarb Chlorquinaldol Empty
h Empty Mebhydrolin Cephalexin (monohydrate) Phenazopyridine (hydrochloride) Octinoxate Pioglitazone (hydrochloride) Candesartan Butamben Repaglinide Darifenacin (hydrobromide) Fluocinonide Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-17

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Tenofovir Niacin D-Pantothenic acid (sodium) Pirfenidone Phthalylsulfacetamide Cilostazol D-Mannitol Pitavastatin (Calcium) Glafenine (hydrochloride) Amoxicillin (trihydrate) Empty
b Empty Bucladesine (sodium salt) Clenbuterol (hydrochloride) Tasimelteon Secnidazole Ramipril Palonosetron (Hydrochloride) D-Sorbitol Alosetron (Hydrochloride) Dasatinib Bekanamycin Empty
c Empty Oseltamivir (acid) Dropropizine Tetrahydrobiopterin Thio-TEPA Noscapine Empty Clofoctol Oxethazaine Methylbenactyzium Bromide Desvenlafaxine (succinate hydrate) Empty
d Empty Pemetrexed (disodium) Etodolac Progesterone Dopamine (hydrochloride) Fenofibric acid Thiamine hydrochloride Mycophenolic acid Tenofovir (Disoproxil) Vemurafenib Dasabuvir Empty
e Empty Flavoxate (hydrochloride) Tolfenamic Acid Empty Diphenidol (hydrochloride) Thiamphenicol Mitomycin C Metolazone Azatadine (dimaleate) Ampiroxicam Glimepiride Empty
f Empty Loxapine (succinate) Methocarbamol Doxifluridine Diflorasone Pazufloxacin (mesylate) Cladribine Indapamide Silodosin Zofenopril (calcium) Paliperidone Empty
g Empty Haloperidol Furagin Levodropropizine Amlodipine Benzydamine (hydrochloride) Apronal Solifenacin Afatinib Naphazoline (hydrochloride) Nicergoline Empty
h Empty Empty Pyridostigmine (bromide) Choline (chloride) Ilaprazole Nateglinide Diphenylpyraline (hydrochloride) Chlortetracycline (hydrochloride) Cefdinir Doxepin (Hydrochloride) CAL-101 Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-18

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Tegaserod (maleate) Meropenem (trihydrate) Desmopressin (Acetate) Mizoribine Homatropine (methylbromide) Valdecoxib Regorafenib (Hydrochloride) D-Pantothenic acid (hemicalcium salt) Flucytosine Escitalopram (oxalate) Empty
b Empty Acemetacin Prilocaine Acetazolamide Diethylcarbamazine (citrate) Trazodone (hydrochloride) Rotigotine Sodium Fluoride Venlafaxine (hydrochloride) Ethamsylate Tolmetin (sodium dihydrate) Empty
c Empty Enoxacin (hydrate) Malathion Memantine (hydrochloride) Permethrin Tolcapone Vigabatrin (Hydrochloride) Cyclosporin A Tetrahydrozoline (hydrochloride) Pyrantel (tartrate) Danthron Empty
d Empty Domiphen (bromide) Mitoxantrone Sodium gualenate Icotinib Butenafine (Hydrochloride) Ethosuximide Gabapentin (hydrochloride) Pyrazinamide Estradiol (cypionate) Empty Empty
e Empty Metipranolol hydrochloride Empty Eslicarbazepine (acetate) Vinpocetine Tofogliflozin (hydrate) Phenytoin Ezetimibe Isoniazid Ropivacaine (hydrochloride monohydrate) Bleomycin (sulfate) Empty
f Empty Nifedipine Trimethoprim Empty Sulfamonomethoxine Lesinurad Ethionamide Hydrocortisone Levamisole (hydrochloride) Levofloxacin Proxyphylline Empty
g Empty Oseltamivir (phosphate) Oxaprozin Trifluorothymidine Amiloride (hydrochloride) Diethylstilbestrol Fenbufen Pergolide (mesylate) Oxiracetam Gemcitabine (Hydrochloride) Saxagliptin Empty
h Empty Empty Desipramine hydrochloride Vadadustat Ivacaftor Bicyclol Idramantone Mometasone furoate Epalrestat Dextrose Trifluoperazine (dihydrochloride) Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-19

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Sodium Salicylate (S)-Timolol (Maleate) Doxapram (hydrochloride hydrate) Nonivamide Ozagrel Sulfamethizole Erlotinib (Hydrochloride) Artesunate Bromfenac (sodium hydrate) Dexrazoxane (Hydrochloride) Empty
b Empty Daptomycin Niraparib Rabeprazole (sodium) Vildagliptin Tiotropium (Bromide) Regadenoson Broxyquinoline Droperidol Vortioxetine (hydrobromide) Etretinate Empty
c Empty Oxybenzone Acetylleucine Fluvastatin (sodium) Eltrombopag Artemether Panobinostat Naproxen (sodium) Anidulafungin Anagliptin Mesna Empty
d Empty Empty Felodipine Mifepristone Doxofylline Isosorbide Bendamustine (hydrochloride) Empty Benzyl alcohol Tropisetron (Hydrochloride) Nitazoxanide Empty
e Empty Exemestane Latanoprost Elafibranor Etoricoxib Isotretinoin Iproniazid (phosphate) Ticlopidine (hydrochloride) Quinidine hydrochloride monohydrate Metronidazole Hexaminolevulinate (hydrochloride) Empty
f Empty Tiopronin Enalaprilat (dihydrate) Pyridine-3,4-diamine Flecainide (acetate) Valpromide (R)-(-)-Phenylephrine (hydrochloride) Dacarbazine Loratadine Cysteamine (Hydrochloride) Neostigmine (Bromide) Empty
g Empty 6-Thioguanine Vinorelbine (ditartrate) Istradefylline Homatropine (Bromide) Prednisolone (21-acetate) Latrepirdine (dihydrochloride) Difluprednate Sulfanilamide Levetiracetam Terlipressin Empty
h Empty Methscopolamine (bromide) Histamine Fidaxomicin Cefotaxime (sodium salt) Empty Cortisone (acetate) Dienestrol Vinblastine Amoxicillin Ramatroban Empty

Plate layout: HY-L022M-20

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a Empty Bacampicillin (hydrochloride) Ibuprofen piconol Chlorcyclizine (hydrochloride) Piperidolate Cefsulodin (sodium) Cariprazine Homoharringtonine Drofenine (hydrochloride) Oxaliplatin 6α-Methylprednisolone 21-hemisuccinate (sodium salt) Empty
b Empty Ciclopirox (olamine) Abarelix Atomoxetine (hydrochloride) Vitamin D2 Retinol Roflumilast Perhexiline maleate Gramicidin Esomeprazole magnesium Quinestrol Empty
c Empty LEE011 (hydrochloride) Toceranib Dolasetron (Mesylate hydrate) Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Disodium Valrubicin Ibudilast Ritonavir Digitoxin Empty Josamycin Empty
d Empty Pirarubicin (Hydrochloride) Pioglitazone Mequitazine Butylphthalide Gefitinib (hydrochloride) Metergoline Sildenafil Proguanil Alvimopan (monohydrate) Diloxanide furoate Empty
e Empty (-)-Sparteine (sulfate pentahydrate) Dabrafenib Sucralfate Tandospirone Eptifibatide Temsirolimus Flunisolide Levobunolol (hydrochloride) Mezlocillin (sodium) Sulbentine Empty
f Empty Acetylspiramycin Framycetin Raltegravir (potassium salt) Thonzonium (bromide) Dicloxacillin (Sodium hydrate) Trichlormethiazide Nimesulide Norepinephrine (bitartrate monohydrate) Pimozide Estramustine (phosphate sodium) Empty
g Empty Dichlorphenamide Cinoxacin Cabergoline Irinotecan (hydrochloride trihydrate) Ketanserin (tartrate) Amphotericin B UK 14,304 Cefradine Gestrinone Desvenlafaxine Empty
h Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty

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