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Fluorescent labeling Service

Fluorescent labeling technology refers to the covalent binding or physical adsorption of fluorescent substances on a chemical group of molecule to be studied, and the subsequent qualitative, and quantitative analyses of the labeled objects by observing fluorescence characteristics.

Fluorescent labeling has several advantages i.e. it does not cause radioactive contamination, easy to operate, and easy to observe under fluorescent microscope, etc. Fluorescent labelling has great potential in studying proteins, nucleic acids, cell biology and performing immuno-analyses. The application of fluorescent labeling has been deeply involved in many fields such as pharmacology, physiology, environmental science, and information sciences, etc., and has been widely used in the functional research of proteins and drug screening.

MCE has an efficient, experienced and professional technical team who can chemically incorporate fluorescent labels on biomolecules, proteins, antibodies, and peptides. We can offer variety of labels and conjugates to choose from and multiple customization services less to microgram level. Furthermore, we can meet all relevant needs of customers regarding fluorescent labelling.


Professional protein/organic chemistry technical team.

Professional pre-sale and after-sale technical services.

High quality label coupling custom services from micrograms to milligrams.

Services to minimize the steric hindrance and reduce the intervention of marker activity.

Service process
Dye work solution Conjugation reaction Incubate conjugation Purify the conjugation
The process of antibody labeling
Service project Service requirements Service period Service products
Protein labeling Protein more than 1 mg, purity more than 90%, concentration more than 1 mg/mL 3-10 working days after receiving the sample Labeled product and Labeling report
Antibody labeling Antibody more than 100 μg, purity more than 90%, concentration more than 1 mg/mL 3-10 working days after receiving the sample
Peptides labeling The minimum molecular weight of the peptide is not less than 3 kDa, and the number of amino acids is not less than 30 3-10 working days after receiving the sample
Biomolecule labeling The minimum starting scalar of biomolecule is not less than 10 mg, the minimum molecular weight is less than 3 kDa More than 7 working days after receiving the sample, adjust according to sample situation and specific needs
Part of the Dye Information
Cat.No Product Optimal
Label Type
HY-66019 FITC 488 525 Amine
HY-D0723 5(6)-TAMRA SE 530 582
HY-D0826 Cy2-SE (iodine) 492 510
HY-112498 Cy3 NHS ester 550 570
HY-D0819A CY5-SE (triethylamine salt) 650 670
HY-D0824 CY7-SE 750 773
HY-D1085 AMCA-X SE 345 475
HY-N7131 Coumarin 6 554 585
HY-D0042 NBD-Cl 464 512
HY-D0154 TRITC 596 620
HY-131030 Janelia Fluor® 669, SE 669 685
HY-130736 Janelia Fluor® 549, SE 549 635
HY-138658 Janelia Fluor® 526, SE 526 585
HY-B0511 Biotin / /
HY-138200 Cy5 maleimide 650 670 Mercapto
HY-D1323 Cyanine5.5 maleimide chloride 678 705
HY-D1566 Sulfo-Cy7.5 maleimide 778 797
HY-D1540 Cyanine5.5 amine 678 705 Carboxyl

Each project needs to be evaluated separately to determine the corresponding lead time and price. For further information on pricing or technical details, please email [email protected] Or contact MCE sales directly.

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1. Fluorescent labeling service does not guarantee activity. Antibody labeling services do not affect antibody activity and more than 95% of protein labeling services do not affect protein activity.
2. Conjugation leads to depletion. The recovery of small molecule labeling usually varies from 5% to 60%. For 50-100 μg protein labeling service, recovery is over 90%, for 500 μg or more protein labeling service, recovery is over 98%.
3. There is a risk of failure for small molecule labeling, and a partial fee will be charged if failed.

Fluorescent labeling Service

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