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  2. Cell-based Compound Screening

Cell-based Compound Screening

MCE one-stop screening platform includes virtual screening, cell-based compound screening, ion channel-based compound screening, and compound custom synthesis. Cell-based compound screening is indispensable for any cancer drug discovery project. Cell viability and cell proliferation assays are widely used as an initial test for the therapeutic efficacy of anti-cancer agents.

Screen process


More than 120 human tumor cell lines are available in our cell-based compound screening platform. We offer potency testing of new drugs on cell proliferation and viability with a variety of assay formats including MTT, CCK8, and clonogenic assay. Cell apoptosis, cell cycle, cell signal transduction can also be detected in our platform.

  • 120+ tumor cell lines
  • A variety of cell viability assays
  • Cell imaging
  • Professional compound screening team
  • Customization high cost-effective service
  • Advanced equipment

Human tumor cell lines

Tumor Cell Line Name
Thyroid cancer SW579, TT, KMH-2
Esophageal cancer KYSE-150, TE-1
Breast cancer Hs 578T, ZR-75-1, SK-BR-3, MDA-MB-468, MDA-MB-453, MDA-MB-231, MCF-7,BT-474, T-47D, HCC1937, etc.
Stomach cancer SNU-1, NCI-N87, KATO III, AGS
Liver cancer Hep G2, Hep 3B2.1-7, SK-HEP-1, PLC/PRF/5
Lung cancer NCI-H1299, NCI-H1650, NCI-H292, HCC827, A549, SK-MES-1, Calu-3, NCI-H1975, SHP-77, T84, etc.
Gallbladder cancer GBC-SD
Pancreatic cancer SW 1990, PANC-1, CFPAC-1, BxPC-3, AsPC-1
Prostate cance PC-3, VCaP, 22RV1, LNCaP
Kidney cancer Caki-1, 786-O, ACHN, 769-P, SW-13
Ovarian cancer SK-OV-3, OVCAR-3, ES-2
Cervical cancer C-33 A, MS751, SiHa, Ca Ski, HeLa, ME-180
Bladder cancer 5637, UM-UC-3, SW 780, J82, T24, SCaBER
Colon cancer SW480, SW620, LoVo, HT-29, HCT 116, COLO 205, RKO-E6, RKO-AS45-1, SW1116,RKO, T84, etc.
Rectal adenocarcinoma DLD-1, Caco-2, COLO 320DM, HCT-15, H716
Choriocarcinoma JEG-3, JAR
Endometrial carcinoma HEC-1-A, HEC-1-B
Leukemia HL-60, A3, HuT 78, Jurkat Clone E6-1, 6T-CEM, THP-1, HEL, MOLT-4, CCRF-CEM, K-562, CEM/C1, MV-4-11

Service Process —— Cell proliferation and viability assays

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