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Immune Checkpoint Proteins

The immune checkpoint (ICP) molecules refer to ligand-receptor pairs that exert inhibitory or stimulatory effects on immune responses. Most of the ICP proteins that have been described are expressed on cells of the adaptive immune system, particularly on T cells, and of the innate immune system. ICPs act as important immune regulators in maintaining immune homeostasis and preventing autoimmunity.
Some cancer cells can bind co-inhibitory receptor molecules to limit normal anti-tumor immune responses, thus assisting in immune escape. Immune checkpoint therapy for cancer encompasses strategies that target these regulatory pathways to reinvigorate the anti-tumor function of immune cells. The most widely studied inhibitory checkpoint pathway consisting of cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated molecule-4 (CTLA-4), programmed cell death receptor-1 (PD-1), and programmed cell death ligand-1 (PD-L1).

Cat. No. Product Name / Synonyms Species Source
  • HY-P73499
    CD40 Protein, Human (193a.a, HEK293, His)

    Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily member 5; Bp50; CD40L Receptor; CDw40; TNFRSF5

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P73716
    PD-L1 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, His-Fc)

    Programmed cell death 1 ligand 1; PD-L1; B7-H1; CD274; PDL1

    Mouse HEK293
  • HY-P72359
    CD47 Protein, Human (Biotinylated, HEK293, Avi-His)

    Leukocyte Surface Antigen CD47; Antigenic Surface Determinant Protein OA3; IAP; MER6

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P70632
    PD-L1 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, His)

    Programmed cell death 1 ligand 1Cd274; programmed cell death 1 ligand 1; PD-L1; PDCD1 ligand 1; programmed death ligand 1; B7 homolog 1; B7-H1; CD274

    Mouse HEK293
  • HY-P7395
    PD-1 Protein, Human (CHO, Fc)

    rHuPD-1, Fc Chimera; PD1; CD279; PDCD1

    Human CHO
    PD-1 Protein, Human (CHO, Fc) suppress activating signals from the T cell receptor when bound by either of its ligands, programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) or PD-L2.
  • HY-P70633
    PD-L1 Protein, Mouse (220a.a, HEK293, Fc)

    Programmed cell death 1 ligand 1Cd274; programmed cell death 1 ligand 1; PD-L1; PDCD1 ligand 1; programmed death ligand 1; B7 homolog 1; B7-H1; CD274;

    Mouse HEK293
  • HY-P7396
    PD-1 Protein, Human (143a.a, HEK293, His)

    rHuPD-1, His; PD1; CD279; PDCD1

    Human HEK293
    PD-1 Protein, Human (143a.a, HEK293, His) suppress activating signals from the T cell receptor when bound by either of its ligands, programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) or PD-L2.
  • HY-P70808
    CD40L/CD154/TRAP Protein, Mouse (HEK293, His)

    CD40 Ligand; CD40LG; HIGM1; T-B cell-activating molecule; T-BAM; TNFSF5; tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily member 5; Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 5

    Mouse HEK293
    CD40L (CD154; TRAP) is a ligand to CD40/TNFRSF5, acts function by generating a costimulatory signal that up-regulates IL-4 synthesis. CD40L is specifically expressed on activated CD4+ T-lymphocytes and involves in activation of NF-κB/MAPK pathway. CD40L also involves in B cell differentiation, maturation, and apoptosis. CD40L in mouse, cleaved into 2 chains of membrane form (1-260 a.a.) and soluble form (112-260 a.a.) which serves as a ligand for integrins (ITGA5:ITGB1 and ITGAV:ITGB3). CD40L/CD154/TRAP Protein, Mouse (HEK293, His) has a total length of 149 amino acids (M112-L260), is expressed in HEK392 cells with N-terminal 6*His-tag.
  • HY-P7398
    PD-L1 Protein, Human (HEK293, His)

    rHuPD-L1, His; Programmed death ligand 1; CD274; B7-H1

    Human HEK293
    PD-L1 Protein, Human (HEK293, His) play a major role in suppressing the adaptive arm of immune system during particular events such as pregnancy, tissue allografts, autoimmune disease and other disease states such as hepatitis.
  • HY-P70737
    FGL1 Protein, Human (HEK293, His)

    Fibrinogen-like protein 1; FGL1; HP-041; Hepassocin; HFREP-1; LFIRE-1

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P70679
    IDO Protein, Human (His)

    Indole 2; 3-dioxygenase; Indoleamine 2; 3-dioxygenase 1; IDO-1; IDO1; IDO; INDO

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P70807
    PVR/CD155 Protein, Human (HEK 293, His)

    Poliovirus Receptor; Nectin-Like Protein 5; NECL-5; CD155; PVR; PVS

    Human HEK293
    PVR/CD155 Protein, Human (HEK 293, His) is a recombinant Human PVR expressed in HEK 293 cells with a His tag at the N-terminus. PVR, Human plays a role in cancer cell invasion and migration.
  • HY-P72022
    SLAMF2/CD48 Protein, Human (194a.a, HEK293, hFc)

    B-lymphocyte activation marker BLAST-1 BCM1 surface antigen; Leukocyte antigen MEM-102; SLAM family member 2; SLAMF2; Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule 2; TCT.1; CD48; BCM1; BLAST1;

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P7399
    PD-L2 Protein, Human (HEK293, Fc)

    rHuPD-L2, Fc Chimera; Programmed cell death 1 ligand 2; B7DC; CD273

    Human HEK293
    PD-L2 Protein, Human (HEK293, Fc), a second ligand for PD-1, interacts with PD-1 negatively regulates T cell proliferation, cytokine production and cytotoxic activity.
  • HY-P70010
    CD73/5'-Nucleotidase Protein, Human (521a.a, HEK293, His)

    rHu5'-nucleotidase/CD73, His; 5'-Nucleotidase; 5'-NT; Ecto-5'-Nucleotidase; CD73; NT5E; NT5; NTE

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P70525
    PD-1 Protein, Human (HEK293, mFc)

    Programmed cell death protein 1; hPD-1; PDCD1; CD279

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P70651
    B7-1/CD80 Protein, Human (208a.a, HEK293, His)

    CD80; Activation B7-1 antigen; B7; BB1; CD28LG1; CD28LGB7-1 antigen; T-lymphocyte activation antigen CD80

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P70652
    CD276/B7-H3 Protein, Human (433a.a, HEK293, His)

    CD276; B7H34Ig-B7-H3; B7-H3; B7 homolog 3; CD276 antigen; CD276 molecule; Costimulatory molecule

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P70657
    PD-L1 Protein, Human (HEK293, mFc)

    Programmed Cell Death 1 Ligand 1; PD-L1; PDCD1 Ligand 1; Programmed Death Ligand 1; B7 Homolog 1; B7-H1; CD274; B7H1; PDCD1L1; PDCD1LG1; PDL1

    Human HEK293
  • HY-P70684
    CTLA-4 Protein, Human (126a.a, HEK293, His)

    Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte protein 4; Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4; CTLA-4; CD152; CTLA4

    Human HEK293
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