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Macrocyclic Compound Library

Cat. No.: HY-L041
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Macrocycles, molecules containing 12-membered or larger rings, are receiving increased attention in small-molecule drug discovery. The reasons are several, including providing access to novel chemical space, challenging new protein targets, showing favorable ADME- and PK-properties. Macrocycles have demonstrated repeated success when addressing targets that have proved to be highly challenging for standard small-molecule drug discovery, especially in modulating macromolecular processes such as protein–protein interactions (PPI). Otherwise, the size and complexity of macrocyclic compounds make possible to ensure numerous and spatially distributed binding interactions, thereby increasing both binding affinity and selectivity.

MCE offers a unique collection of 354 macrocyclic compounds which can be used for drug discovery for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS). MCE Macrocyclic Compound Library is a useful tool for discovering new drugs, especially for “undruggable” targets and protein–protein interactions.

  • 96-well Plate with Peelable Foil Seal
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& Advantages

•   A unique collection of 354 macrocyclic compounds that for drug discovery.

•   A useful tool for the discovery of "undruggable" targets such as protein-protein interactions (PPIs) inhibitors.

•   Cyclopeptides, crown ethers, calixarene and so on are included.

•   More detailed compound information with structure, IC50, and other chemical & biological data.

•   NMR and HPLC validated ensure high purity.

•   All compounds are in stock and continuously updated.

Product Details
A collection of 354 macrocyclic compounds supplied as Solid
96-well storage tube or 96-well plate: 1st and 12th column are left empty.
384-well plate: the first two columns and the last two columns are left empty.
Compounds with different concentrations or dissolved in different solvents will be put on separate plates. This way of layout may increase the number of plates because there could be three solvents and three concentrations.
If you have other requirements, please let us know.
96-well Storage Tubes with Rack
In solvent: -80°C 2 years, -20°C 1 year; Powder: -20°C 3 years, 4°C 2 years
Blue ice

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    • 96-well Plate with Peelable Foil Seal