2. Ligand for E3 Ligase

Ligand for E3 Ligase

The PROTAC molecule consists of a ligand, which binds an E3 ubiquitin ligase, connected by a linker to another ligand that binds the target protein.

The association between a protein and an E3 ligase, as induced by a PROTAC molecule, will lead to the transfer of ubiquitin and degradation of the targeted protein.

Ligand for E3 Ligase Related Products (9):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-42424
    E3 ligase Ligand 1 98.19%
    E3 ligase Ligand 1 is a Ligand for E3 Ligase extracted from patent WO/2017/030814A1 compound example 202, used in PROTAC technology.
  • HY-103597
    E3 ligase Ligand 3 98.29%
    E3 ligase Ligand 3 is a ligand of E3 ligase, used in PROTAC technology.
  • HY-100947
    VH-298 99.32%
    VH-298 is a highly potent inhibitor of the VHL:HIF-α interaction with a Kd value of 80 to 90 nM, used in PROTAC technology.
  • HY-103596
    E3 ligase Ligand 2 99.60%
    E3 ligase Ligand 2 is a Ligand for E3 Ligase used in PROTAC technology.
  • HY-41547
    E3 ligase Ligand 4
    E3 ligase Ligand 4 is a ligand of E3 ligase, used in PROTAC technology.
  • HY-112275
    TNF-α-IN-1 is a TNF-α inhibitor extracted from patent US20030096841A1, compound example I-7.
  • HY-112078
    E3 ligase Ligand 1A
    E3 ligase Ligand 1A is a ligand of E3 ligase, used in PROTAC technology; E3 ligase Ligand 1A can be used in the research of cancer.
  • HY-U00425
    E3 ligase Ligand 5
    E3 ligase Ligand 5 is a ligand of E3 ligase, extracted from patent US 20160058872A1, Paragraph 0515. E3 ligase Ligand 5 can be used in PROTAC technology.
  • HY-110402
    Protein degrader 1 TFA
    Protein degrader 1 TFA is a small molecule ligand for VHL, an E3 ligase which has been targeted in numerous PROTACs.
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