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Cell Transfection

Cat. No.
  • HY-K1014 PolyFast Transfection Reagent MCE PolyFast Transfection Reagent consists of cationic polymers and can introduce nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) into eukaryotic cells efficiently, including some hard-to-transfect cells.
    HY-K2014 PEI Transfection Reagent

    MCE PEI Transfection Reagent is designed based on 25 kDa PEI. It has high-efficiency, low-toxicity, strong-stability, and is suitable for many cell types, such as HEK-293、HEK-293T、CHO-K1、COS-1、COS-7、NIH/3T3、Sf9、HepG2 and HeLa et, even some hard-to-transfect cells. It can also be applied to large-scale recombinant protein expression and virus production.