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Cat. No. Product Name / Synonyms Species Source
  • HY-P72874
    Caspase-3/CASP3 Protein, Human (His)

    Caspase-3; CASP-3; CPP-32; SCA-1; YAMA

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P74347
    Caspase-7 Protein, Human (His)

    CMH-1; CASP-7; Caspase-7; MCH3; ICE-LAP3

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P71708
    Caspase-8/CASP8 Protein, Human (His)

    ALPS2B; CASP-8; ICE-like apoptotic protease 5

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P72117
    CASP1 Protein, Human (GST)

    CASP-1; CASP1; CASP1_HUMAN; Caspase 1; Caspase-1 subunit p10; ICE; IL-1 beta-converting enzyme; IL-1BC; IL1 beta converting enzyme; IL1B convertase; Interleukin 1 beta convertase; Interleukin 1B converting enzyme; Interleukin-1 beta convertase; Interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme; p45

    Human E. coli
  • HY-P7742
    Caspase-10/CASP10 Protein, Human (His)

    rHuCaspase-10, His; Caspase-10; CASP-10; Apoptotic Protease Mch-4; ICE-Like Apoptotic Protease 4; CASP10; MCH4

    Human E. coli
    Caspase-10 Protein, Human (His) is an approximately 33.0 kDa caspase-10 protein with a His-flag, expressed in E. coli. Caspase-10 belongs to the caspase family and involved in the execution-phase of cell apoptosis.
  • HY-P7743
    Caspase-14/CASP14 Protein, Human (His)

    rHuCaspase-14, His; Caspase-14; CASP-14; CASP14

    Human E. coli
    Caspase-14 Protein, Human (His) is an approximately 31.0 kDa caspase-14 protein with a His-flag. Caspase-14 is a seemingly non-apoptotic caspase involved in keratinocyte differentiation and cornification.
  • HY-P79267
    Caspase-3/CASP3 Protein, Human (277a.a, His)

    Caspase-3; CASP3; Apopain; Cysteine protease CPP32; CPP-32; Protein Yama; SREBP cleavage activity 1; SCA-1; CPP32

    Human E. coli
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