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  • Organoid Culture: Questions & Answers
    In the last issue, we conducted a live lecture on the theme of organoid culture. Today, we have a special topic to solve your doubts in the last live class!
  • How to Perform Western Blot?
    Western blot is one of the most frequently performed experiments in molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology. This article describes in detail how to do WB.
  • HLA-E, A Novel Immune Checkpoint
    Immune checkpoints have immunosuppressive functions. It can be used in the research of tumor immunotherapy. In this article, we introduce a new paper entitled "Immune checkpoint HLA-E: CD94 - NKG2Amediates evasion of circulating tumor cells from NK cell surveillance "research paper.

Biomedical Dictionary


The Biomedical Dictionary is a comprehensive and professional collection of biological academic terms and subject datas.

All explanations are supported by authoritative books or high impact factor literatures, and you can acquire accurate explanations of the biomedical terms you want to know.

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