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V-domain immunoglobulin suppressor of T cell activation (VISTA, also known as DD1α, Gi24, Dies1, SISP1, C10orf54, PD-1H and B7-H5) is a negative immune checkpoint regulator that belongs to the B7-CD28 family. VISTA is highly expressed on hematopoietic cells, with the greatest densities in myeloid and granulocytic cells, and weaker expression on cluster of differentiation CD 4+ and CD8+ T cells. VISTA is a type I transmembrane protein with an extracellular IgV domain, a stalk region, a transmembrane segment, and a cytoplasmic tail. VISTA acts as inhibitory receptor on T cells, and also functions as a ligand when expressed on antigen-presenting cells (APCs). It regulates innate and adaptive anti-tumoral immune responses substantially.

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