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Affinity Chromatography Column 

Cat. No.: HY-K0221

MCE Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns are designed for purification of recombinant proteins with different tags, enzymes, antibodies, antigens and nucleic acids.

Affinity Chromatography Column
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& Advantages

MCE Affinity Chromatography Column is made of high-purity polypropylene with a very low adsorption to various biomolecules. Frits for AC column are made of UHWMPE, which is hydrophilic, and optimized for minimizing non-specific adsorption.


•   Minimizing non-specific adsorption.

•   Excellent hydrophilic performance.

•   Can be used for substances of low concentration.

•   Rapid separation is achieved while avoiding contamination.

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