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Mitophagy Compound Library

Cat. No.: HY-L180

Mitochondrial autophagy refers to the selective encapsulation and degradation of damaged mitochondria by cells through the autophagy mechanism, thereby maintaining mitochondrial and cellular homeostasis. The concept of mitochondrial autophagy has received extensive attention since it was proposed. Current studies have shown that the mechanisms of mitochondrial autophagy can generally be divided into two categories: Ubiquitin-dependent pathways and Ub-independent pathways. In addition, mitochondrial autophagy is a research hotspot related to the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, metabolic diseases and other clinical diseases. Therefore, high-throughput screening based on mitochondrial autophagy can effectively screen out compounds that are closely related to the occurrence of diseases and analyze their mechanisms.

MCE can provide a library of 569 mitophagy compounds, which can be used for drug development and mechanism research in cancer, immunity, infection and other hot research fields.

For pre-dissolved solutions, 10 mM for compounds with the solubility not lower than 10 mM, 2 mM for compounds with solubility between 2 mM and 10 mM, and 3 mg/mL for compounds with unconfirmed molecular weight and solubility not lower than 3 mg/mL.

  • 96-well Plate with Peelable Foil Seal
  • 384-well Microplate with Peelable Foil Seal
  • 96-well Storage Tubes with Rack
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Description & Advantages

•   A unique collection of 569 bioactive compounds for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS).

•   Bioactivity and safety confirmed by preclinical research and clinical trials. Some compounds have been approved by FDA.

•   Structurally diverse, bioactive, and cell permeable.

•   More detailed compound information with structure, IC50, and other chemical & biological data.

•   High purity and quality validated by NMR and LC/MS.

•   All compounds are in stock and continuously updated.

Product Details


A collection of 569 small molecules related to mitophagy as pre-dissolved Solutions or Solid
Solution: 560 compounds supplied in 10 mM solution, 7 compounds supplied in 2 mM solution, 2 compounds supplied in 3 mg/mL solution.


96-well storage tube or 96-well plate: 1st and 12th column are left empty.
384-well plate: the first two columns and the last two columns are left empty.
Compounds with different concentrations or dissolved in different solvents will be put on separate plates. This way of layout may increase the number of plates because there could be three solvents and three concentrations.
If you have other requirements, please let us know.


96- or 384-well Plate with Peelable Foil Seal; 96-well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap and Optional 2D Barcode




Blue ice or dry ice

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    • 96-well Plate with Peelable Foil Seal
    • 384-well Microplate with Peelable Foil Seal
    • 96-well Storage Tubes with Rack