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mAChRs (muscarinic acetylcholine receptors) are acetylcholine receptors that form G protein-receptor complexes in the cell membranes of certainneurons and other cells. They play several roles, including acting as the main end-receptor stimulated by acetylcholine released from postganglionic fibersin the parasympathetic nervous system. mAChRs are named as such because they are more sensitive to muscarine than to nicotine. Their counterparts are nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), receptor ion channels that are also important in the autonomic nervous system. Many drugs and other substances (for example pilocarpineand scopolamine) manipulate these two distinct receptors by acting as selective agonists or antagonists. Acetylcholine (ACh) is a neurotransmitter found extensively in the brain and the autonomic ganglia.

mAChR Related Products (73):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-N0296A
    Scopolamine hydrobromide Antagonist
    Scopolamine hydrobromide is a competitive muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (mAChR) with an IC50 of 55.3 ± 4.3 nM.
  • HY-13410
    Xanomeline oxalate Agonist
    Xanomeline(LY246708) is a selective M1 muscarinic receptor agonist.
  • HY-12100
    Umeclidinium bromide Inhibitor
    Umeclidinium bromide is a novel mAChR antagonist. The affinity (Ki) of GSK573719 for the cloned human M1-M5 mAChRs ranges from 0.05 to 0.16 nM.
  • HY-16171
    Diphenmanil methylsulfate Antagonist
    Diphemanil methylsulfate is a quaternary ammonium anticholinergic. It binds muscarinic acetycholine receptors and thereby decreases secretory excretion of stomach acids as well as saliva and sweat.
  • HY-13204
    Biperiden Hydrochloride Inhibitor
    Biperiden(KL 373) Hcl is an antiparkinsonian agent, which is the selective central M1 cholinoreceptors blocker.
  • HY-76772
    Cevimeline hydrochloride hemihydrate Agonist
    Cevimeline hydrochloride hemihydrate, a novel muscarinic receptor agonist, is a candidate therapeutic drug for xerostomia in Sjogren's syndrome.
  • HY-A0016
    Dronedarone Inhibitor
    Dronedarone(Multaq) is a newer therapeutic agent with a structural resemblance to amiodarone and a better side effect profile; it is a multichannel blocker with antiadrenergic properties and has been evaluated in both rate and rhythm control strategies in the management of AF.
  • HY-13340
    VU0152100 Agonist
    VU0152100 is a potent and selective allosteric potentiator of M4 mAChR with an EC50 of 380 ± 93 nM.
  • HY-17465
    Glycopyrrolate Antagonist
    Glycopyrrolate(Glycopyrronium Br) is a muscarinic competitive antagonist used as an antispasmodic.
  • HY-14562
    TBPB Agonist
    TBPB is an allosteric M1 mAChR agonist(EC50=289 nM) that regulates amyloid processing and produces antipsychotic-like activity in rats.
  • HY-17360
    Tiotropium Bromide Antagonist
    Tiotropium Bromide is a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (mAChR) antagonist that blocks the binding of the acetylcholine ligand and subsequent opening of the ligand-gated ion channel.
  • HY-14144
    Aclidinium Bromide Antagonist
    Aclidinium Bromide(LAS 34273; LAS-W 330) is a long-acting, inhaled muscarinic antagonist as a maintenance treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • HY-A0012
    Darifenacin hydrobromide Antagonist
    Darifenacin HBr(UK88525) is a selective M3 muscarinic receptor antagonist with pKi of 8.9.
  • HY-15618
    M1 receptor modulator Modulator
    M1 receptor modulator is a muscarinic M1 receptor positive allosteric modulator.
  • HY-76569
    (R)-5-Hydroxymethyl Tolterodine Antagonist
    (R)-5-Hydroxymethyl Tolterodine(PNU-200577; Desfesoterodine) is a potent and selective muscarinic receptor antagonist with a Kb and a pA2 of 0.84 nM and 9.14, respectively.
  • HY-A0024
    Tolterodine Antagonist
    Tolterodine(PNU-200583) is a potent muscarinic receptor antagonists that show selectivity for the urinary bladder over salivary glands in vivo.
  • HY-14825A
    Tarafenacin D-tartrate Antagonist
    Tarafenacin(SVT-40776) is a highly selective M3 muscarinic receptor antagonist (Ki= 0.19 nM), ~200 fold selectivity over M2 receptor.
  • HY-A0033
    Darifenacin Antagonist
    Darifenacin(UK88525) is a selective M3 muscarinic receptor antagonist with pKi of 8.9.
  • HY-N0471
    L-Hyoscyamine Inhibitor
    L-Hyoscyamine is a chemical compound, a tropane alkaloid it is the levo-isomer to atropine.
  • HY-A0002
    Solifenacin Succinate Antagonist
    Solifenacin Succinate(YM905; Vesicare) is a muscarinic receptor antagonist.