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Hormones and Neuropeptides

Hormones and Neuropeptides (694):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-P0035
    Insulin (human) 11061-68-0 99.99%
    Insulin (human) is a polypeptide hormone that regulates the level of glucose. Insulin (human) can be used for the diabetes mellitus.
    Insulin (human)
  • HY-P1156
    Insulin(cattle) 11070-73-8
    Insulin cattle is a two-chain polypeptide hormone produced in vivo in the pancreatic β cells. Insulin cattle has often been used as growth supplement in culturing cells.
  • HY-P0252
    α-MSH 581-05-5 99.57%
    α-MSH (α-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone), an endogenous neuropeptide, is an endogenous melanocortin receptor 4 (MC4R) agonist with anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities. α-MSH is a post-translational derivative of pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC).
  • HY-P0201
    Substance P 33507-63-0 99.60%
    Substance P (Neurokinin P) is a neuropeptide, acting as a neurotransmitter and as a neuromodulator in the CNS. The endogenous receptor for substance P is neurokinin 1 receptor (NK1-receptor, NK1R).
    Substance P
  • HY-P0082
    Glucagon (1-29), bovine, human 16941-32-5 99.84%
    Glucagon (1-29), bovine, human, porcine is a peptide hormone, produced by pancreatic α-cells. Glucagon stimulates gluconeogenesis. Glucagon (1-29), bovine, human, porcine activates HNF4α and increases HNF4α phosphorylation.
    Glucagon (1-29), bovine, human
  • HY-17571
    Oxytocin 50-56-6 99.79%
    Oxytocin (α-Hypophamine; Oxytocic hormone) is a pleiotropic, hypothalamic peptide known for facilitating parturition, lactation, and prosocial behaviors. Oxytocin can function as a stress-coping molecule with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and protective effects especially in the face of adversity or trauma.
  • HY-P0206A
    Bradykinin acetate 6846-03-3
    Bradykinin acetate is an effective endothelium-dependent vasodilator that can lower blood pressure. Bradykinin acetate can induce contraction of bronchial and intestinal non-vascular smooth muscle, increase vascular permeability, and participate in the mechanism of pain.
    Bradykinin acetate
  • HY-P0059
    Teriparatide 52232-67-4 99.92%
    Teriparatide (Human parathyroid hormone-(1-34)) is a PTH1 receptor agonist. Teriparatide (Human parathyroid hormone-(1-34)) can be used for osteoporosis research.
  • HY-P0206
    Bradykinin 58-82-2 99.86%
    Bradykinin is an effective endothelium-dependent vasodilator that can lower blood pressure. Bradykinin can induce contraction of bronchial and intestinal non-vascular smooth muscle, increase vascular permeability, and participate in the mechanism of pain.
  • HY-P0055
    GLP-1(7-37) 106612-94-6 99.82%
    GLP-1(7-37) is an intestinal insulinotropic hormone that augments glucose induced insulin secretion.
  • HY-17365
    Octreotide acetate 79517-01-4 99.93%
    Octreotide acetate, a long-acting synthetic analog of native somatostatin, inhibits growth hormone, glucagon, and insulin more potently.
    Octreotide acetate
  • HY-P0203A
    α-CGRP (mouse, rat) (TFA) 99.29%
    α-CGRP (mouse, rat) TFA, a neuropeptide (calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP)) mainly expressed in neuromuscular junction, is a potent vasodilator. α-CGRP (mouse, rat) TFA can lead to a fall in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate by peripheral administration, also relax colonie smooth muscle. α-CGRP (mouse, rat) TFA has the potential in cardiovascular, pro-inflammatory, migraine and metabolic studies.
    α-CGRP (mouse, rat) (TFA)
  • HY-P0084
    Cyclic somatostatin 38916-34-6 99.77%
    Cyclic somatostatin (SRIF-14) is a growth hormone-release inhibiting factor used in the research of severe, acute hemorrhages of gastroduodenal ulcers. Cyclic somatostatin is a neuropeptide co-stored with acetylcholine in the cardiac parasympathetic innervation, exerts influences directly on contraction of ventricular cardiomyocytes. Cyclic somatostatin inhibits the contractile response of isoprenaline with an IC50 value of 13 nM. Cyclic somatostatin can be used for the research of cardiovascular disease.
    Cyclic somatostatin
  • HY-P1071
    α-CGRP(human) 90954-53-3 99.87%
    α-CGRP(human) is a regulatory neuropeptide of 37 amino acids. α-CGRP(human) is widely distributed in the central and peripheral nervous system. α-CGRP(human) is a potent vasodilator.
  • HY-P0054
    GLP-1(7-36), amide acetate 1119517-19-9
    GLP-1(7-36), amide acetate is a major intestinal hormone that stimulates glucose-induced insulin secretion from β cells.
    GLP-1(7-36), amide acetate
  • HY-P0221
    PACAP (1-38), human, ovine, rat 137061-48-4 99.64%
    PACAP (1-38), human, ovine, rat is a neuropeptide with 38 amino acid residues. PACAP (1-38) binds to PACAP type I receptor, PACAP type II receptor VIP1, and PACAP type II receptor VIP2 with IC50s of 4 nM, 2 nM, and 1 nM, respectively.
    PACAP (1-38), human, ovine, rat
  • HY-P0276
    GIP, human 100040-31-1 99.05%
    GIP, human, a peptide hormone consisting of 42 amino acids, is a stimulator of glucose-dependent insulin secretion and a weak inhibitor of gastric acid secretion. GIP, human acts as an incretin hormone released from intestinal K cells in response to nutrient ingestion.
    GIP, human
  • HY-P0234
    Neurotensin 39379-15-2 98.78%
    Neurotensin, a gut tridecapeptide, acts as a potent cellular mitogen for various colorectal and pancreatic cancers which possess high-affinity neurotensin receptors (NTR).
  • HY-P0090
    Calcitonin (salmon) 47931-85-1 99.95%
    Calcitonin salmon, a calcium regulating hormone, is a dual-action amylin and calcitonin receptor agonist, could stimulate bone formation and inhibit bone resorption.
    Calcitonin (salmon)
  • HY-13673A
    Goserelin acetate 145781-92-6 99.92%
    Goserelin acetate (ICI-118630 acetate), a decapeptide analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH/LHRH), functions as a GnRH agonist. Goserelin acetate can be used for the research of breast cancer, epithelial ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.
    Goserelin acetate