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RNase Inhibitor 

Cat. No.: HY-K1033
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MCE RNase Inhibitor is a 50 kDa recombinant protein expressed in E.coli, and can specifically inhibit RNase A, B and C.

RNase Inhibitor
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MCE RNase Inhibitor is a 50 kDa recombinant protein of murine origin expressed in E.coli. The inhibitor specifically inhibits RNase A, B and C by binding noncovalently in a 1:1 ratio with high affinity. It is not effective against RNase 1, RNase T1, S1 Nuclease, RNase H or RNase from Aspergillus. In addition, no inhibition of polymerase activity is observed when RNase Inhibitor is used with Taq DNA Polymerase, AMV or M-MLV Reverse Transcriptases, or Phage RNA Polymerases (SP6, T7, or T3). RNase Inhibitor, Murine does not contain the pair of cysteines identified in the human version that is very sensitive to oxidation, so this product has significantly improved resistance to oxidation compared to the human/porcine RNase inhibitors, and is stable at low DTT concentrations (less than 1 mM).

Application Features:

1.   cDNA synthesis

2.   RT-PCR

3.   In vitro transcription/translation

4.   Enzymatic RNA labeling reaction

5.   Other applications where the integrity of RNA is important


Store at -20℃ for 2 years.

Components HY-K1033-2000 U HY-K1033-10 KU
RNase Inhibitor (40 U/μL) 2000 U 10 KU

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