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  2. Topoisomerase


Topoisomerases are enzymes that regulate the overwinding or underwinding of DNA. The winding problem of DNA arises due to the intertwined nature of its double-helical structure. Topoisomerases are isomerase enzymes that act on the topology of DNA. Type I topoisomerase cuts one strand of a DNA double helix, relaxation occurs, and then the cut strand is reannealed. Type I topoisomerases are subdivided into two subclasses: type IA topoisomerases, which share many structural and mechanistic features with the type II topoisomerases, and type IB topoisomerases, which utilize a controlled rotary mechanism. Type II topoisomerase cuts both strands of one DNA double helix, pass another unbroken DNA helix through it, and then reanneal the cut strands. This class is also split into two subclasses: type IIA and type IIB topoisomerases, which possess similar structure and mechanisms.

Topoisomerase Related Products (57):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-15142
    Doxorubicin hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.47%
    Doxorubicin hydrochloride is a Topoisomerase II (Top2) catalytic inhibitor, also is a broad spectrum antibiotic used in the treatment of cancers, with IC50 of 374 nM for Hela cells.
  • HY-13629
    Etoposide Inhibitor 99.84%
    Etoposide inhibits DNA synthesis by forming a complex with topoisomerase II and DNA.
  • HY-16261
    INNO-206 Inhibitor
    INNO-206 is a prodrug of the anticancer agent doxorubicin, which is released from albumin under acidic conditions.
  • HY-16560
    Campathecin Inhibitor 98.26%
    Campathecin is a potent DNA enzyme topoisomerase I (topo I) inhibitor, with IC50 and IC70 of 50 nM and 0.225 μM in breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231.
  • HY-13062
    Daunorubicin Hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.64%
    Daunorubicin hydrochloride is a topoisomerase II inhibitor.
  • HY-13562A
    Banoxantrone dihydrochloride 98.17%
    Banoxantrone dihydrochloride is a novel bioreductive agent that can be reduced to a stable, DNA-affinic compound AQ4, which is a potent topoisomerase II inhibitor.
  • HY-100309
    9-Aminocamptothecin Inhibitor 98.89%
    9-Aminocamptothecin is a topoisomerase I inhibitor with potent anticancer activity.
  • HY-U00248
    LMP744 Inhibitor
    LMP744 is a Top1 inhibitor.
  • HY-13768A
    Topotecan Hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.74%
    Topotecan hydrochloride is a Topoisomerase I inhibitor.
  • HY-16562A
    Irinotecan hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.75%
    Irinotecan hydrochloride is an inhibitor of Topoisomerase I, and is is activated by hydrolysis to SN-38 (the active metabolite of Irinotecan).
  • HY-13624A
    Epirubicin hydrochloride Inhibitor
    Epirubicin Hcl, a semisynthetic L-arabino derivative of doxorubicin, is an antineoplastic agent by inhibiting Topoisomerase.
  • HY-13704
    SN-38 Inhibitor 99.46%
    SN-38 is an active metabolite of the Topoisomerase I inhibitor Irinotecan.
  • HY-13631A
    Exatecan Mesylate Inhibitor 98.09%
    Exatecan Mesylate (DX-8951) is a totally synthetic analogue of the topoisomerase I-inhibitor camptothecin, which was synthesised to impart increased aqueous solubility, greater tumour efficacy, and less toxicity than camptothecin itself.
  • HY-16562
    Irinotecan Inhibitor 98.78%
    Irinotecan is an inhibitor of Topoisomerase I, and is is activated by hydrolysis to SN-38 (the active metabolite of Irinotecan).
  • HY-13061
    Daun02 Inhibitor 98.56%
    Daun02 is converted by β-galactosidase to Daunorubicin, which is a topoisomerase inhibitor.
  • HY-17381
    Idarubicin hydrochloride Inhibitor 99.82%
    Idarubicin hydrochloride is an anthracycline antibiotic in the treatment of leukaemia and a DNA topoisomerase II inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.3 ng/mL in MCF-7 cells.
  • HY-13767
    Tirapazamine Inhibitor 98.07%
    Tirapazamine(SR259075; Win59075; SR4233) is an experimental anticancer drug that is activated to a toxic radical only at very low levels of oxygen; a phenomenon known as tumor hypoxia.
  • HY-16700
    PNU-159682 Inhibitor
    PNU-159682, a highly potent metabolite of the anthracycline nemorubicin with outstanding cytotoxicity, is a topoisomerase inhibitor and ADCs cytotoxin.
  • HY-16568
    Irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate Inhibitor 99.80%
    Irinotecan Hcl-trihydrate prevents DNA from unwinding by inhibition of topoisomerase 1.
  • HY-13502A
    Mitoxantrone dihydrochloride Inhibitor
    Mitoxantrone dihydrochloride is a topoisomerase II inhibitor; also inhibits protein kinase C (PKC) activity with an IC50 of 8.5 μM.