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  2. Imidazoline Receptor

Imidazoline Receptor

Imidazoline receptors are the primary receptors on which clonidine and other imidazolines act. There are three classes of imidazoline receptors: I1 receptor – mediates the sympatho-inhibitory actions of imidazolines to lower blood pressure, (NISCH or IRAS, imidazoline receptor antisera selected), I2 receptor - an allosteric binding site of monoamine oxidase and is involved in pain modulation and neuroprotection, I3 receptor - regulates insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells. Activated I1-imidazoline receptors trigger the hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine into DAG. Elevated DAG levels in turn trigger the synthesis of second messengers arachidonic acid and downstreameicosanoids. In addition, the sodium-hydrogen antiporter is inhibited, and enzymes of catecholamine synthesis are induced. The I1-imidazoline receptor may belong to the neurocytokine receptorfamily, since its signaling pathways are similar to those of interleukins.

Imidazoline Receptor Related Products (5):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-N0543
    Allantoin Agonist 98.36%
    Allantoin is a skin conditioning agent that promotes healthy skin, stimulates new and healthy tissue growth.
  • HY-B0374
    Moxonidine Agonist 98.96%
    Moxonidine is a selective agonist at the imidazoline receptor subtype 1, used as antihypertensive agent.
  • HY-100179
    CR4056 Agonist 98.32%
    CR4056 is a selective inhibitor of human recombinant MAO-A with an IC50 of 202.7 nM. CR4056 is also a ligand of imidazoline-2 receptor (I2R) with an IC50 of 596 nM.
  • HY-B0374A
    Moxonidine hydrochloride Agonist
    Moxonidine Hydrochloride is a selective agonist at the imidazoline receptor subtype 1, used as antihypertensive agent.
  • HY-101238
    Agmatine sulfate Agonist >98.0%
    Agmatine sulfate exerts modulatory action at multiple molecular targets, such as neurotransmitter systems, ion channels and nitric oxide synthesis. It is an endogenous agonist at imidazoline receptor and a NO synthase inhibitor.