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  • HY-P78703
    Gastrin-71 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, Fc)

    Gastrin-71; Gastrin; GAST; Gastrin component

    Mouse HEK293
    Gastrin-71 protein acts as a potent stimulator of various physiological processes. It activates the gastric mucosa, promotes the production and secretion of hydrochloric acid, and induces the release of digestive enzymes from the pancreas. Gastrin-71 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, Fc) is the recombinant mouse-derived Gastrin-71 protein, expressed by HEK293 , with C-hFc labeled tag. The total length of Gastrin-71 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, Fc) is 71 a.a., with molecular weight of approximately 38-43 kDa.
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