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Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) consist of a desirable monoclonal antibody, an active cytotoxic drug and an appropriate linker. An appropriate linker between the antibody and the cytotoxic drug provides a specific bridge, and thus helps the antibody to selectively deliver the cytotoxic drug to tumor cells and accurately releases the cytotoxic drug at tumor sites. In addition to conjugation, the linkers maintain ADCs’ stability during the preparation and storage stages of the ADCs and during the systemic circulation period.

The ADCs currently undergoing clinical evaluation contain linkers are mostly classified into two categories: cleavable and noncleavable. Cleavable linkers rely on processes inside the cell to liberate the toxin, such as reduction in the cytoplasm, exposure to acidic conditions in the lysosome, or cleavage by specific proteases within the cell. Noncleavable linkers require proteolytic degradation of the antibody portion of the ADC for release of the cytotoxic molecule, which will retain the linker and the amino acid by which it was attached to the antibody.

The selection of linker is target dependent, based on the knowledge of the internalization and degradation of the antibody-target antigen complex, and a preclinical in vitro and in vivo activity comparison of conjugates. Moreover, the choice of a linker is also influenced by which cytotoxin is used, as each molecule has different chemical constraints, and frequently the drug structure lends itself to a specific linker.

ADC Linker Isoform Specific Products:

  • Cleavable

  • Noncleavable

ADC Linker Related Products (128):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-100216
    SPDP 98.45%
    SPDP (SPDP Crosslinker) is a short-chain crosslinker for amine-to-sulfhydryl conjugation via NHS-ester and pyridyldithiol reactive groups that form cleavable (reducible) disulfide bonds with cysteine sulfhydryls. It is a glutathione cleavable ADC linker used for the antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).
  • HY-78738
    MC-Val-Cit-PAB 99.69%
    MC-Val-Cit-PAB is a cathepsin cleavable ADC linker that is used for making antibody-drug conjugate. FDA approved drugs such as brentuximab vedotin use this linker.
  • HY-12362
    Val-cit-PAB-OH 99.64%
    Val-cit-PAB-OH is a cleavable ADC linker.
  • HY-41189
    Fmoc-Val-Cit-PAB-PNP is a cleavable peptide linker, is a linker for antibody-drug-conjugation (ADC).
  • HY-D0975
    Sulfo-SMCC sodium
    Sulfo-SMCC sodium is a commonly used hetero-bifunctional, noncleavable ADC crosslinker bearing N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester and maleimide groups to react with primary amines and sulfhydryl groups, respectively.
  • HY-W011561
    Boc-NH-C6-Br is a cleavable linker used for antibody-drug conjugates (ADC).
  • HY-42360
    SMCC is a protein crosslinker. SMCC-conjugated antigen coupled spleen cells to induce antigen-specific immune responses.
  • HY-43869
    Vipivotide tetraxetan Linker
    Vipivotide tetraxetan Linker (PSMA-617 Linker) is a nonclaevable peptide linker for synthesis of Vipivotide tetraxetan (PSMA-617). Vipivotide tetraxetan (PSMA-617) is a ligand used to synthesize 177Lu-PSMA-617, which is a radioactive molecule for the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • HY-20336
    Mc-Val-Cit-PABC-PNP 98.68%
    Mc-Val-Cit-PABC-PNP is a cathepsin cleavable ADC linker used in the synthesis of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).
  • HY-12448
    SPDB 99.30%
    SPDB is a glutathione cleavable ADC linker used for the antibody-drug conjugate (ADCs).
  • HY-78961
    6-Maleimidohexanoic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester 99.96%
    6-Maleimidohexanoic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester(ECMS) is a useful protective group in antibody drug conjugates.
  • HY-114430
    Fmoc-Phe-Lys(Boc)-PAB-PNP 98.67%
    Fmoc-Phe-Lys(Boc)-PAB-PNP is a cleavable ADC linker used in the synthesis of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).
  • HY-101159
    Mal-amido-PEG8-C2-acid (example 142) is a nonclaevable ADC linker, extracted from patent US2018339985.
  • HY-19318
    Fmoc-Val-Cit-PAB 98.13%
    Fmoc-Val-Cit-PAB is a cleavable linker for antibody-drug-conjugation (ADC).
  • HY-P1449
    Boc-Gly-Gly-Phe-Gly-OH, a self-assembly of N- and C-protected tetrapeptide, is a protease cleavable linker used for the antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).
  • HY-129375
    SNPB-sulfo-Me is a cleavable linker that is used for making antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).
  • HY-129367
    NO2-SPP is a cleavable linker that is used for making antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).
  • HY-129352
    Cbz-Phe-(Alloc)Lys-PAB-PNP is an cleavable linker for antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) design.
  • HY-129365
    SNPB is a cleavable linker that is used for making antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).
  • HY-126498
    PDEC-NB is a disulfide cleavable linker used for the antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).
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