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Serine-arginine protein kinases

SRPKs is a critical enzyme family that regulates splicing activity in the cell. The first serine-arginine (SR) protein kinase identified is SRPK1, which is isolated from mitotic cells, and it is described to phosphorylate SR proteins and to promote their release from nuclear speckles during the G2/M phase of the cell cycle. SRPK1 is the prototype of the SRPK family, which also includes the two homologous SRPK2 and SRPK3 proteins. SRPKs are characterized by a bipartite catalytic domain separated by a unique spacer sequence and are mainly localized in the cytoplasm of mammalian cells.

SRPKs can translocate into the nucleus of cells under several conditions, such as during the G2/M phase of the cell cycle, or after osmotic stress, or as a consequence of activation of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) signal transduction pathway.

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-117661
    Inhibitor 99.12%
    SPHINX31 is a potent and selective SRPK1 inhibitor, with an IC50 of 5.9 nM. SPHINX31 inhibits phosphorylation of serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 1 (SRSF1). SPHINX31 also decreases the mRNA expression of pro-angiogenic VEGF-A165a isoform. SPHINX31 can be used to research neovascular eye disease.
  • HY-13949
    Inhibitor 99.97%
    SRPIN340 is an ATP-competitive serine-arginine-rich protein kinase (SRPK) inhibitor, with a Ki of 0.89 μM for SRPK1.
  • HY-116856
    Inhibitor 98.56%
    SRPKIN-1 is a covalent and irreversible SRPK1/2 inhibitor with IC50s of 35.6 and 98 nM, respectively. Anti-angiogenesis effect.
  • HY-148518
    Inhibitor 99.42%
    MSC-1186 is a highly selective pan-SRPK inhibitor. MSC-1186 has activity for SRPK1, SRPK2 and SRPK3 with IC50 values of 2.7 nM, 81 nM and 0.6 nM, respectively. MSC-1186 can be used for the research of cancer.
  • HY-132126
    Inhibitor 99.87%
    SPHINX is a selective SRPK1 inhibitor with an IC50 value of 0.58 μM. SPHINX effectively reduces Choroidal Neovascularization (CNV) in vivo. SPHINX can be used for the research of (age-related macular degenaration) AMD.
  • HY-114653
    Inhibitor 99.17%
    SRPIN803 is a potent CK2 and SRPK1 dual inhibitor, with IC50s of 203 nM and 2.4 μM, respectively. SRPIN803 exhibits antiangiogenic activity. SRPIN803 can be used for the research of age-related macular degeneration.
  • HY-113831
    LK1/2-IN-3 (compound 3) is a potent and selective CLK1 and CLK2 inhibitor with IC50 values of 1.1, 2.1, 130, 260, 260 nM for CLK1, CLK2, SRPK1, SRPK2, SRPK3, respectively. CLK1/2-IN-3 shows anti-proliferative activity. CLK1/2-IN-3 reduces the levels of endogenous phosphorylated SR proteins and increases the expression of S6K mRNAs.
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