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  • HY-P76088
    SRPK1 Protein, Human (sf9, His-GST)

    SRSF protein kinase 1; Serine/arginine-rich protein-specific kinase 1; SRPK1

    Human Sf9 insect cells
    SRPK1 Protein, a serine/arginine-rich protein-specific kinase, phosphorylates substrates in RS domains, regulating splicing and influencing mRNA maturation. It controls splicing factor distribution, nuclear speckle reorganization, chromatin, and cell cycle progression. Isoform 2 phosphorylates SFRS2, ZRSR2, LBR, PRM1, and mediates hepatitis B virus core protein phosphorylation. It negatively regulates HBV replication by affecting pgRNA packaging. Both isoforms induce MAPT/TAU exon 10 splicing, with their ratio determining cell fate in K-562 cells: isoform 2 favors proliferation, while isoform 1 favors differentiation. SRPK1 Protein, Human (sf9, His-GST) is the recombinant human-derived SRPK1 protein, expressed by Sf9 insect cells, with N-His, N-GST labeled tag. The total length of SRPK1 Protein, Human (sf9, His-GST) is 654 a.a., with molecular weight of ~120 kDa.
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