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Isotope-Labeled Steroids

Isotope-Labeled Steroids (383):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-32349S
    Ercalcidiol-d3 1217467-39-4 99.08%
    Ercalcidiol-d3 (25-hydroxy Vitamin D2-d3) is the deuterium labeled Ercalcidiol. Ercalcidiol is a metabolite of Vitamins D2. Ercalcidiol can be used as an indicator of vitamins D status.
  • HY-15328
    25-Hydroxy VD2-d6 1262843-46-8 98.96%
    25-Hydroxy VD2-D6 is a labelled metabolite of Vitamin D2.
    25-Hydroxy VD2-d6
  • HY-15330
    VD2-d3 1217448-46-8
    VD2-D3 is a deuterated form of vitamin D.
  • HY-15331
    VD3-d6 118584-54-6 99.13%
    VD3-D6(Vitamin D3-26,26,26,27,27,27-d6) is the deuterated form of Vitamin D3; tools for determination of Vitamin D3 metabolites in human serum.
  • HY-B0469S
    Medroxyprogesterone acetate-d3 98.06%
    Medroxyprogesterone acetate D3 is deuterium labeled Medroxyprogesterone acetate. Medroxyprogesterone acetate is a widely used synthetic steroid by its interaction with progesterone, androgen and glucocorticoid receptors.
    Medroxyprogesterone acetate-d3
  • HY-113215S
    Allotetrahydrocortisol-d5 2687961-06-2
    Allotetrahydrocortisol-d5 is the deuterium labeled Allotetrahydrocortisol. Allotetrahydrocortisol (5a-Tetrahydrocortisol) is a metabolite of Cortisol. Cortisol is the main glucocorticoid in human. It is produced in adrenal cortex and plays a crucial role in many physiological processes.
  • HY-128790S
    4-Methoxyestrone-13C,d3 1217437-34-7
  • HY-113252S1
    2-Methoxyestrone-13C6 is the 13C-labeled 2-Methoxyestrone. 2-Methoxyestrone is a methoxylated catechol estrogen and metabolite of estrone, with a pKa of 10.81.
  • HY-B0141S1
    Estradiol-d4 66789-03-5 99.85%
    Estradiol-D4 (β-Estradiol-D4) is the deuterium labeled Estradiol. Estradiol is a steroid sex hormone vital to the maintenance of fertility and secondary sexual characteristics in females. Estradiol upregulates IL-6 expression through the estrogen receptor β (ERβ) pathway.
  • HY-15332
    Alfacalcidol-d6 1641940-94-4 ≥98.0%
    Alfacalcidol-D6, a deuterated Alfacalcidol (1-hydroxycholecalciferol; Alpha D3; 1.
  • HY-B0075S
    Melatonin-d4 66521-38-8
    Melatonin D4 is deuterium labeled Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland that can activates melatonin receptor. Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Melatonin is a selective ATF-6 inhibitor and induces human hepatoma cell apoptosis through COX-2 downregulation.
  • HY-N0322S
    Cholesterol-d7 83199-47-7 ≥98.0%
    Cholesterol-d7 is the deuterium labeled Cholesterol. Cholesterol is the major sterol in mammals and is makes up 20-25% of structural component of the plasma membrane. Plasma membranes are highly permeable to water but relatively impermeable to ions and protons. Cholesterol plays an important role in determining the fluidity and permeability characteristics of the membrane as well as the function of both the transporters and signaling proteins. Cholesterol is also an endogenous estrogen-related receptor α (ERRα) agonist.
  • HY-14648S
    Dexamethasone-d5 358731-91-6
    Dexamethasone-d5 (Hexadecadrol-d5) is the deuterium labeled Dexamethasone. Dexamethasone (Hexadecadrol) is a glucocorticoid receptor agonist. Dexamethasone also significantly decreases CD11b, CD18, and CD62L expression on neutrophils, and CD11b and CD18 expression on monocytes. Dexamethasone is highly effective in the control of COVID-19 infection. Dexamethasone inhibits production of exosomes containing inflammatory microRNA-155 in lipopolysaccharide-induced macrophage inflammatory responses.
  • HY-13332
    Calcifediol-d6 78782-98-6 98.39%
    Calcifediol-D6 is the deuterated form of Calcifediol(25-hydroxy Vitamin D3), which is a prehormone that is produced in the liver by hydroxylation of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) by the enzyme cholecalciferol 25-hydroxylase IC50 value: Target: This metabolite is being measured by physicians worldwide to determine a patient's vitamin d status.
  • HY-18569S
    3-Indoleacetic acid-D5 76937-78-5 99.84%
    3-Indoleacetic acid-D5 (Indole-3-acetic acid-D5) is the deuterium labeled 3-Indoleacetic acid. 3-Indoleacetic acid-D5 can be used as internal standard for assay of IAA releases by alkaline hydrolysis of ester and amide conjugates.
    3-Indoleacetic acid-D5
  • HY-32351S
    Calcifediol-d3 140710-94-7 99.06%
    Calcifediol-d3 is a deuterium labeled Calcifediol. Calcifediol, a major circulating metabolite of vitamin D3, is a potent VDR inhibitor.
  • HY-101988S1
    Prostaglandin D2-d9 2254642-52-7 ≥99.0%
    Prostaglandin D2-d9 (PGD2-d9) is the deuterium labeled Prostaglandin D2. Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) is one of the major PGs actively produced in the brain of various mammals. Prostaglandin D2 is one of the most potent endogenous sleep promoting substances. PGD2 plays a protective role by suppressing inflammation.
    Prostaglandin D2-d9
  • HY-15329
    Maxacalcitol-D6 is the deuterated form of Maxacalcitol (22-Oxacalcitriol), which is a non-calcemic vitamin D3 analog and VDR ligand of VDR-like receptors.
  • HY-113313S
    Aldosterone-d8 1261254-31-2 ≥98.0%
    Aldosterone D8 is a deuterium labeled Aldosterone. Aldosterone, produced in the adrenal zona glomerulosa, regulates blood pressure.
  • HY-B0141S
    Estradiol-d3 79037-37-9