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CRAC Channel

CRAC Channel

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CRAC Channel Inhibitors & Modulators (4)

Product Name Catalog No. Brief Description
CRAC intermediate 1


CRAC intermediate 1  is a key intermediate in the chemical synthesis of a series of CRAC channel inhibitors, detailed information can be found in Patent WO 2010122089 A1, intermediate 9.

CRAC intermediate 2


CRAC intermediate 2 is a intermediate compound for CRAC inhibitor synthesis, extracted from patent WO 2013059666A1.



GSK-5498A is a selective small molecule blocker of CRAC channel(IC50=1 uM); inhibit mediator release from mast cells, and pro-inflammatory cytokine release from T-cells in a variety of species.



YM-58483 is the first selective and potent inhibitor of CRAC channels and subsequent Ca2+ signals.