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  • HY-P74426
    Adrenomedullin/ADM Protein, Human (HEK293, Fc)

    Pro-adrenomedullin; ADM; Adrenomedullin; AM; PAMP

    Human HEK293
    Adrenomedullin (ADM) and PAMP serve as potent hypotensive and vasodilatory agents, mainly influencing fluid and electrolyte homeostasis. In the kidney, ADM demonstrates diuretic and natriuretic effects, while both ADM and PAMP directly inhibit aldosterone secretion in the adrenal glands. In the pituitary gland, both peptides suppress basal ACTH secretion at physiologically relevant doses. Additionally, ADM and PAMP act in the brain and pituitary gland, promoting plasma volume loss, complementing their hypotensive effects. These multifaceted actions highlight ADM's role in regulating cardiovascular and hormonal processes related to fluid and electrolyte balance. Adrenomedullin/ADM Protein, Human (HEK293, Fc) is the recombinant human-derived Adrenomedullin/ADM protein, expressed by HEK293, with N-hFc labeled tag. The total length of Adrenomedullin/ADM Protein, Human (HEK293, Fc) is 52 a.a., with molecular weight of ~39 kDa.
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